Valve Only for FastFerment

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Valve Only for FastFerment

This is a replacement valve for the FastFerment 7 Gal Conical Fermenter

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Customer Reviews

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Udit Minocha
Fits the fermenter

The part that I ordered was describe accurately and fit the Fast Ferment perfectly. Quick shipping. Can't comment on durability of the part because I got the Fast Ferment used. In general I don't like how the parts were not mated with a rubber gasket or O-ring. They just screw together and even with using Teflon tape they have to be tightened carefully so as not to overtighten. The Fast Ferment is cheaply made.

Ball valve sealing failure

Despite the fact that I rigorously clean my system, and rotate the ball valve when doing so to ensure there is no trub or yeast and to try to reduce any bacteria, my ball value refused to seal in the closed position when I went to bottle after about a year. I think the tolerances are just not tight enough, and this may just be a fact of life for plastic versus stainless steel.

Roger Corbett
Broken valve

After about three years of use the ball valve on my FastFerment has broken. The red handle came off a few months ago, and I have had to use a wrench to open/close it. But today when bottling I tried to open the valve but there was a slight snapping noise and the valve stem turned freely but it would not open. Afterwards I took it apart and found that the ball itself has split.

Leroy Harwood
Use Lube!

Was sent replacement after original froze closed and the handle snapped off. When replacment arrived my friend gave me some food safe lube for valves, (they sell here!), so lubed up the new valve really good. No more problems! Great customer service!

Kelly Foreman
Too easily broken

I really like this kit, however when I cleaned the valve this morning it broke. I have sent in a request to buy a new one and also sent a picture of the now 2 pieces.

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