19 L Cleaning Keg with 4 Sankey D Couplers

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19 L Cleaning Keg with 4 Sanke D Couplers

Perfect for beer line cleaning! This cleaning keg is made of stainless steel and has a 19 liter (or just under 5 Gallon) capacity. The top of the keg features a removable lid with pressure relief valve and four Sanke D coupler connections. Hook up to four separate beer lines directly to keg, fill keg with a beer line cleaner (Pick One Up HERE!), and then run the cleaner through the system according to the recommended directions on your cleaner. This Cleaning Keg will allow you to clean even large multi-tap systems efficiently and easily, ensuring you get a perfect pour, pint after pint!

19 L Cleaning Keg with Dual Sanke D Couplers Includes:
- 19 Liter (~5 Gallon) Capacity
- 4 Sankey D Coupler Connections
- Carrying Handle
- Removable Lid with Pressure Relief Valve

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Graveyard Pop
Best tap cleaning solution.

This is the easiest way to keep your tap lines clean and ready to pour your best beer.
The Draft Beer Quality Manual recommends cleaning lines at least every two weeks.
This brink makes the job quick and easy. Just plug in four couplers at a time and run your alkaline cleaner through followed by a rinse with clean water. This is a well made product and the price is great. Your beer will never taste better.

Caroline Gerdes

Works great!

chad pickard
Great time saver

Awesome product, flush out 4 lines at a time. Save me more time for brewing. Simple to use.

Pete Corbett
Easy Line Cleaning!

Professional Brewer here…
Most of our line cleaning involves beer pumps and FOBs on our draft system, so individual line cleaning is easy. But we also have a beer garden without pumps/FOBs, so in the past we had to clean lines one at a time on a tower of 16. This keg makes it 4x faster. It’s an awesome product at an amazing price! Couldn’t be happier with this purchase!

Russell Whitney
Time saver

I currently only have 3 taps, but I still save time cleaning. This means more work hours saved and more time to enjoy a beer. You do not have to search very long to see the price is half of what others want to charge for the same type of keg cleaner.

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