We offer you a wide array of helpful articles on homebrewing concepts -- from ingredients to styles and equipment to recipes.

How to Make Your Own Beer
Learn how to brew beer at home including the required ingredients, the homebrewing equipment needed, plus a sample recipe and instructions for how to brew your first beer at home.

How to Make Hard Seltzer at Home
Learn how to make your own hard seltzer at home including the required ingredients, the equipment needed, plus instructions for how to brew your first spiked seltzer at home. How to bottle and keg hard seltzer are also covered.

How to Make Wheat Beer
Learn how to make wheat beer at home including the required ingredients, the brewing equipment needed, plus sample recipes and instructions for how to brew Hefeweizen, Belgian Witbier, and American Wheat Ale at home.

How to Make a Lager Beer
Learn how to make a lager homebrew including the equipment, pitching of the yeast, fermentation and aging processes, plus additional details on how to brew a clean, crisp lager beer at home.

How to Make a Yeast Starter
Learn how to make a yeast starter for your next batch of homemade beer or wine. Complete instructions and required supplies are included for starting yeast prior to your next scheduled homebrew day.

How to Cool Wort Fast
Learn how to cool wort fast using cold water or a wort chiller. Complete instructions for cooling wort in as little as 15 minutes are included. Immersion, counterflow, and plate wort chillers are detailed.

How to Read a Hydrometer
Learn how to read a hydrometer including complete step-by-step hydrometer instructions for how to take a hydrometer reading of the beer or wine you are brewing or preparing to bottle.

How to Bottle Beer at Home
Learn how to bottle your homebrew including how to know when your beer is ready to bottle, the number of bottles needed, the required equipment, plus how to prime, fill, and cap your beer bottles.

Partial Mash Brewing Instructions
Learn how to partial mash beer at home using a 5 gallon brewing pot. Partial mash brewing instructions include a recipe to brew and a step by step mashing process to follow.

All Grain Homebrewing Instructions
Learn about all grain homebrewing including how to brew all grain beer at home by mashing in a water cooler. Detailed mashing and all grain home brewing instructions.

Brewing Beer with Malt Extract and Specialty Grains
Learn how to brew beer with liquid or dry malt extract and specialty grains. 13 steps including how to steep the grains as well as how to add malt extract, hops, yeast and priming sugar.

3 Ways to Brew Your Own Beer at Home
Learn about the 3 different ways you can brew your own beer at home including extract brewing, partial mash brewing and all grain brewing.

4 Essential Ingredients in Beer
Learn about the four main ingredients that go into beer including water, malt, hops and yeast.

Equipment Needed to Make Beer
Learn about the equipment required to brew beer at home including brew pot, fermenters, racking cane, bottling bucket, bottles and a capper.

Beer Recipes
23 beer recipes spanning many styles including light ale, wheat beer, pale ale, IPA, amber ale, brown ale, barley wine and stout.

International Bitterness Units
Learn how to calculate International Bitterness Units also known as IBUs. Learn about the effect hop oils, alpha acid, and percent of hop utilization will have on the overall bitterness of your homebrew.

What is an HBU Pack?
HBU packs explained. Learn about Home Bittering Units and how to calculate HBUs.

How to Grow Your Own Hops
Learn how to grow hops at home including a complete guide to hop growing and harvesting. 8 steps to growing your own hops.

What is Hop Extract and How to Use It
Learn what hop extract is and how to use hop resin extract in your beer brewing process for bittering, flavor and hop aroma.

How to Chill a Beer Fast
Learn how to make beer cold quickly using ice, a bowl or bucket, and salt. Four beer chilling methods are covered including complete instructions for making beer cold in 2 to 3 minutes.

Beer Style Guidelines
2016 official beer style guidelines by the Brewers Association. Learn about and view the 44 page beer style guide posted annually by the BA.

SRM Beer Color Scale
Official AIH SRM number scale for measuring beer color. Learn how to estimate SRM beer color for any given recipe. Use the SRM chart to measure the color of any beer.

Grain Lovibond and Gravity Values
Find out the lovibond color value, gravity and extract efficiency of many grains and fermentables. Download our Grain Lovibond and Gravity Value chart.

Fruit Fermentation Values
Find out the specific gravity, PH, acidity, tannin and brix or extract (pg/p) of various fruits. Download our Fruit Fermentation Value chart.

How to Make Soda
Learn how to make soda at home including the equipment needed, the required ingredients, plus a sample recipe and easy step-by-step instructions for making soda pop at home. How to improve your soda pop is also covered.

Lagering - What It Means, And How To Do It
What does the word "lager" really mean? Here's a hint: Probably not what you think. This three-part article will help you understand what it is, how it works, and how to take advantage of this powerful technique for yourself to make clear, great-tasting beers.