Planning your Homebrew weekend could not be easier. Not only does Adventures in Homebrewing have the best prices on Homebrew Supplies and Equipment, now we offer Fast & Free Shipping everyday. Fast & Free Shipping applies to orders over $59.


Fast & Free Shipping applies to only to the lower 48 states in the USA. Flat Rate orders may ship via UPS or USPS (transit time up to 3-10 days). We are sorry, but APO & FPO addresses do not qualify for Fast & Free Shipping. Unfortunately, some items can not be included in Fast & Free Shipping. Standard Shipping Rates Apply to all items marked "Standard Shipping Rates Apply".


The following items are excluded from all Free Shipping & Flat Rate Shipping options and Standard Shipping Rates will always apply:

  • 6.5 to 20 Gallon Plastic Fermenting Buckets
  • Speidel 60L and 120L Plastic Fermenters-
  • All Carboys (Glass and Plastic)
  • Stainless Steel Racking Cane 30"
  • All Stoneware Fermentation Items
  • Sacks of Grain: 20 lb - 75 lb
  • 32 lb LME Growlers & 30 lb LME Pails
  • 50 lb Bags of DME
  • Glass and Plastic Bottles (cases)
  • Kegging Systems with 4 kegs
  • Sprecher 1 Gallon Soda Extracts
  • All Keggles (15+ Gallon Brew Kettles)- Select Fruit Presses- Brutus Brew Stands
  • 5 and 10 Gallon Oak/Whiskey Barrels
  • Used 3 and 5 Gallon Cornelius Keg Ball Lock (Single and Set of 4)
  • Used 5 Gallon Low Profile Ball Lock Kegs (Single and Set of 4)
  • Used 3 and 5 Gallon Cornelius Keg Pin Lock (Single and Set of 4)
  • AIH New 5 Gallon and 3 Gallon Kegs (310-4900, 310-4333)
  • 5 Gallon and 10 Gallon Igloo Mash Systems (99-0066, 99-0067)
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