Adventures in Homebrewing Customer Testimonials




Bill Fall
Always such a friendly and helpful staff! One of my favorite places to go!

Robert Daggett
I ordered a fermenter that was supposed to be drop shipped. Never got any tracking and then a week later I call and I am told they didn't even place the order yet. Then I got very confused by the drop ship process. I canceled the order and bought on on Amazon. Having said that I got a call from the owner himself a few days later. we had a great conversation, very nice guy. I could see he was personally invested in my problem. He went out of his way to explain the issue to me. I would also concede that the holidays affected this process as well. I'm planning on ordering my supplies and probably my next fermentation vessel from them now.

Respectful Living
VERY pleased the selection and pricing in this store. I could not find what I needed cheaper on Amazon even. 375ml bottles were just $33 for a case of 24! Service was also good and the store is nicely organized.

Bill Miller
Best homebrew supplier anywhere.

Steven Kammerer
Have purchased supplies online from several merchants for brewing supplies. This place was about the best. Good prices, quality supplies, and prompt delivery. Also liked the webpage - easy to maneuver with drop-down boxes.

Brian Jay
My place to get brewing supplies. Great folks and helpful with anything you need.

Nicolaus Machcinski
Great place for home brewing supplies.

Ryan Mac
Amazing selection. Best homebrew supply shop I've ever seen!

Chris Tylenda
The user didn't write a review and has left just a rating.

Darren Murray
Friendly and knowledgeable staff, great selection of equipment and supplies.

James Kidd
They carry a lot more stock than most homebrew supply stores, it's great to be able to check everything out in person. The only complaint is that not much of anything has a price tag on it. Staff were super helpful with advice or finding anything though.
Chuck Coggins
Awesome people and awesome place to get your brewing goods. Staff is friendly and willing to help and talk beer with you. Highly recommended.
Anthony Reale
Very knowledgeable, friendly service, and packed to the gills with brewing supplies, stills, pickling pots, and books on all things fermentation.
Jacqueline Kokila
Great place!! Love to come here with all of my friends!! Good times!!
Lindsey Hakala
When we last visited, they were brewing a beer with a new kind of hops they just received. It smelled *amazing*! And the staff was really courteous and helpful. I just wish they sold (empty) bottles in less than a case quantity. I always end up with extras.
Vince Hanchon
Such a great store! The staff is helpful and knowledgeable. A pleasure every time I visit.
Joshua Graff
Fantastic selection of all the brewing necessities! A diverse collection of barley, and all the hardware you could ever require; from stills to casks.



Miguel Zavala
This place is awesome. I have ordered from them a few times now and everything has been shipped very fast and in perfect order. I am going to definitely keep buying from them.
Tenacious Lee
The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. They gave me some good tips for starting my mulberry wine.
Dennis Wolfenbarger
Best Homebrew store in the Detroit area.
David Mroski, DC
Great customer service! I accidentally ordered an extra yeast and they were able to intercept and correct the order before it was shipped and gave me a refund right away. And I got to speak to a real person on the phone who helped solve my problem quickly. Thanks!!
Richard Scott
Staff helped me find bargains.
Ray Bilyk
One of the best places to go for your homebrew, cheese making, and distilling needs! If they don't have it, they'll get it from one of their other locations. Join their rewards program! You won't be sorry! Great customer service! Those folks are like family! (Self-promotion: Ask about joining the Motor City Mashers Homebrew Club!)
Yitz Pierce
Love these guys. Very helpful and customer based. They will take the time to answer all your beer brewing questions. If you want to clone a beer, they'll help you come up with a recipe.


Dustin Vanderburg
Nice store with always nice staff and owners. I always get my homebrew supplies from them. Almost always have what I need when I need it.
Michael Cononie
Very knowledgeable staff. Most things are at market price. Lots and lots of grains, hops, and brewing ingredients and equipment. Have been there several times and will go back.
Britt May
Wade was VERY helpful & friendly! Customer service & knowledge are on point. Thank You!
Andrew Zimny
Awesome staff, very knowledgeable
Jon Miller
Best homebrew store around!
Thomas Timpf Jr
Best place to get brewing equipment
Justin B
AIH is very much the homebrewers delight! The staff is helpful, and they have most anything you will need to make beer, wine, cider, etc. Would recommend!
Sean Murphy
Best homebrew store in SE MI...maybe the world!
Diego Cabrera
Such a nice visit!
Michael J Barnes
Great store that has all the necessities for the home brewing enthusiast.
Ted Fuller
AIH is the best place on earth for home brewing supplies and advice. Check out the website!AC Kuderik
They have everything you need to get started in brewing. Knowledgeable staff!
Jeff Slag
My brew store! Phenomenal selection





You Have One of the Finest Shops I Have Ever Visited

I was in town for business meeting for the last couple of days. I make it a point that I try to visit a shop or two. I cover parts of four states and I have to say you have one of the finest shops I have ever visited. Your selection is second to none I have visited in OH, PA, WV, IN, NY and WV. The young lady working the retail location was quite helpful and very pleasant.

She informed me that youre about to expand your operation to Ann Arbor, I only wish you would have selected the Buckeye State and its capital, I have to go to Listermans in Cincinnati (live in Columbus) to even come close to your establishment. I picked up a brew hauler and a corny. I have to say your prices on the cornys are great. Thanks for your service to all the homebrewers.

- Mick S.

Your Shop Was Awesome and Everyone Was Extremely Friendly

I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you. Your shop was awesome and everyone was extremely friendly and very, very, very helpful. I have brewed 2 out of the 3 beers so far and I am waiting now. I took your ideas and added them and so far it looks good. I must say, I liked that White Labs Pacific Ale Yeast, very different. Anyway, my dad who has no clue on beer even enjoyed your place and time. So thank you so very much, I will place all of my business with you and have already passed out your website to others. Take care and I will see you maybe late June to get items for winter brews.

- Randy S.

Yesterday I came into Adventures to put together a Porter recipe. I'd been in a couple times and am still a relative newbie when it comes to homebrewing (this was only my 6th batch). Chris was the guy to help me, and although I'm sure its part of his job, I just want to say how grateful I was for his advice and help. We broke down my 'recipe' (if you can call it that) and started again from scratch. He took the time not only to explain to me what we were adding, but why, and he asked me for my opinion when we were at a fork in the road. I just wanted you folks in the office to know that he helped me a great deal and make sure you knew of the great work that he did for me. It's becoming more and more rare in our society that you walk into a store and someone actually helps you.

- Paul J.

I Got Exactly What I Needed and a Little Tech Support

Just wanted to drop a line and tell you how much your help was appreciated. You were right about the line , when I showed the salesman in the shop the line I had he saw it was the wrong size right away. He said the faucet was good and that if none of the seals were leaking not to bother replacing anything. I bought the correct size line, a couple clamps, faucet nut, faucet wrench and a the line and equipment cleaner, put everything back together and it works flawlessly, just the right amount of head. I would have never guessed that the wrong size line could cause the foaming problem!

It's hard to find an honest business these days, most will sell you something just to make a buck even if it doesn't solve the problem. You and your guys really don't do that, and you should be proud of the way you run things. I got just what I needed no up-sell or over-sell, exactly what I needed and a little tech support to go along with it. I know that from now on if I need something for my setup, be it the soda fountain or the kegerator, I will be buying from you. Keep up the good work! Thanks again.

- John M.

Customer Service and Fast Shipping

I've been really pleased with all my experiences so far. The kit worked well...still fermenting so hopefully tastes good too! Also the customer service has been amazing. I've called a few times with basic questions and everyone has been really knowledgeable, friendly and down to earth. - Jared K.


You guys rock! Fast shipping, fair prices. Attention to detail filling the order. What else could a home brewer want? Thanks. I will definitely be a return customer. Also thanks for your points reward program. - Tim T.


You guys are by far the best, all your clone recipes are top notch, and your store is home brewers paradise. - Nicholas R.


Just a quick note to let you know I have been happy with all of the purchases I have made from Adventures in Homebrewing, including quality, pricing, and speed of shipment. I recommend your online store to my friends and to new homebrewers on the Facebook group I belong to, Home Brew Network. Cheers! - Michael J.


I placed an order today and your representative was very helpful and courteous. At the end of the conversation he wanted to know if I had any comments about the website. I mentioned how well the website is organized, however, I forgot to mention the "How To" section! That is truly a great knowledge base! I've used it more than once! Again, great site, great prices and I 'm looking forward to receiving my order! - William C.


The reason I tried you was because, after being a customer of 2 other online shops for the 8+ years in which I've been brewing, they decided to sell all their grains in 1 lb. bags. How ridiculous is that? So no matter if you buy 1 lb. of 2 Row , or 20 lbs, you pay the same price ... they used to charge incrementally less per pound the more you purchased. Who wants to open 15 bags of 2 row (or a base malt) on brew day? (not to mention all the specialty grains) Who needs to buy a whole pound of Black Patent ... or Carafa III? When I buy grains, I try to get exactly what I'm going to use, so that I don't have to worry about storage. I was very pleased to get my order from you packaged extremely well. It arrived very quickly (ordered on Sat. and arrive next Mon or Tue.) The shipping I paid was about 2/3 of what I'd had paid from one of the aforementioned suppliers (true, you guys are closer to me than either of them). I was so pleased with the order that I had my brew buddy buy his grains and supplies from you for our brew this past weekend. I was teaching him how to do a parti-gyle AG brew, and I did a Wee Heavy for myself. All our brews are vigorously fermenting as I write (I had to use a blow off tube, as my fermentor (7.9 gal.) was a bit over filled, and the starter I made with the Wyeast 1728 took off big time. All in all, a great 1st time buying experience, and as long as you guys continue to offer great service, packaging, shipping and pricing, I'll be a devoted customer. Not planning another brew until July, but that will likely be a big batch of my AHA gold medal winning Baltic Porter. - Bill S.


I can't remember a better customer service experience than you guys give at AIH. You guys rock and I wish you continued success. - James P.


You guys are the best - great service, patient with my questions and give thorough answers in easy to understand language. Every time I've had a problem you have gone above and beyond what you had to. You are my go-to source for equipment and I plan to start depending on you for more of my ingredients. - Darrell L.

First of all I want to complement you on the fine business that you operate. I've made several purchases at both your Taylor and Ann Arbor stores as well as from your website online. I've made it a point when I visit other areas to visit the local brew store. Few compare to the selection and the helpfulness of your knowledgeable staff. When purchasing online, your website is top notch, your prices are unbeatable, shipping rate and turn around time for Michigan is amazing and the amount of care you took packaging my purchase was way beyond the norm. Thank You. - Dan F.

Had a great experience with Adventures in Homebrewing. They rocked the order and had really great customer service. Highest recommendations! - Andy R.

I am super-pleased with my order. You have top notch customer service. You guys are pretty far away from me, but you always ship super-fast. I recommended you to other hobbyists, even over local brew supply shops. You have the best customer service in the brewing industry. Keep it up! - Jacob L., 12/19/13

I really appreciate the customer service! I will be buying all my additional home brew equipment from you, from now on. Your website is very extensive... I like that! Thank you. - Paul B., 12/19/13

I'm a beginner in the world of brewing but I find your site very user friendly and so far have been extremely satisfied with my purchases. I've gotten a couple of kits and some utensils at a better price then I would have locally. The kits have been very straightforward and are great for a newbie like me. I plan to continue perusing your site as I become more comfortable with the brewing process. - Lori L., 8/22/13

Thank you for providing this sort of fantastic customer experience. I've ordered from other suppliers online, and then you guys. And it's not even competitive. I had terrible experiences with your competitors. Comparably, the experience I had from price to processing speed to the amazing service -- and now, this follow up -- you guys have my business, hands down. - Lou P., 8/1/13

I think you're doing fantastic! I have ordered ingredients from numerous online stores over the years. I do not have a local brew store near me so I am left with online purchasing. I can say with certainty that I will continue to order from you. One of the main things I like about your store is that I can order grain by the pound and take it down to ounces. It makes it so much easier for me to order .5 lbs of a grain and use the whole bag worth rather than eyeball it or use a scale because I had to buy 1 lbs from somebody else. Huge bonusto me! Another thing I like is the 200 points thing for a 10 dollar gift card. Awesome incentive. Your grain and hops are always fresh and clean. I have found some bizarre things in my grain over the years. Never from you. I have brewed some masterful beers using your ingredients including the IPA I brewed using the ingredients in this order. I poured the first one last night from the keg and WOW, killer brew! - Jason B., 7/20/13

Service is fantastic. I would recommend you guys to anyone. I have a grandson interested in starting some brewing and have told and showed him your site. Great Job! - William O., 7/20/13

I really like your free shipping section. Our local distributor here went out of business and to find a place in Michigan that can give us the same products at just about the same price with a Rewards Program is just another plus for me and looks like a long term relationship is forming. Thanks for a great product, with great service at a reasonable price. - Brian S., 6/23/13

I was very pleased with the ease of ordering, the quickness of the shipping, and the overall exceptional customer service. My husband has always ordered from another supplier, but I now have him convinced to make his next purchases from you guys! In fact, I have been recommending you to all of our fellow homebrewing friends. Thanks again and I look forward to doing business with you again. - Serah I., 6/12/13

As always the products arrived quickly and everything was accounted for. Thank you for being very customer friendly. I don't have many options here in Evansville, IN (I'm a Michigan native). The options I do have are almost double in price. Have a good one and keep up the good work! - Rob L., 5/31/13

I have some good news. Since Adventures In Homebrewing sponsored the Traditional Mead category in the Wine Maker Magazine wine competition and you advised me to enter my bochet in this category, I wanted to let you know I got a gold medal for my bochet. Thanks again for your help. - Bob H., 5/30/13

I was able to totally enjoy myself at the Home Brew Day Events on Jackson Road. I personally thanked many of your staff. I am a semi-retired Microbiologist and I sub-cultured a few yeast from the crews who were brewing that day. In fact, I showed Chris White and Kenzie from the White Labs group how to "sub-culture" onto solid media. All the isolates have grown very well and I have renewed my stocks for the year. Our hop rhizomes are also doing very well - special thanks to AIH. - Roger B., 5/10/13

Everything was as it should have been! Great service, incredible speed with shipping, and fresh ingredients! I'll be ordering EVERYTHING I need to brew from you guys and I hope to make an in-store appearance soon! - Tom P., 5/2/13

I have to say, Adventures is Homebrewing is by far the best home brew supply store out there. They consistently provide top notch customer service , and will go out of their way to assist their customers. I have ordered several times from them, but this order really pushed them over the top. I ordered a plate chiller from another online supply store (big mistake) , and thought I could get the fittings from a local big box store in time for my brew on National Homebrew Day. Well as luck would have it, both stores don't carry the items I needed in store. I ordered the fittings from Adventures in Homebrewing (and saved money!) on Sunday with a requested that they ship as soon as possible , because I needed the fittings before the next weekend. Not only did my shipment go out as soon as they opened Monday morning, I got a personalized email telling me so. I received my order in the mail today and couldn't be happier. Next time you need ingredients , or parts for your brewing obsession think Adventures in Homebrewing first! - Josh A., 5/1/13

Items were as advertised. Process was smooth, even when I called in to update/change my web order. Delivery was fast. Have added you to my "favorites". Thanks! - Doug G., 5/1/13

We received our purchase very quickly. was easy to order from and for my next needs I am sure to return to your site. - Gary W., 4/25/13

Thanks for the help and great service! I am very impressed with your business, products and help! - Michael S., 4/22/13

I am quite pleased with the inventory, pricing and level of service my last order received. There are several other shops that should learn and implement those same lessons from you. Cheers! - Charlie T., 4/7/13

Feedback on my purchase: A+! Your product was competitively priced, your shipping charge was reasonable, I received an email from you confirming my purchase, I received an email when the package shipped with shipper and tracking number, I received the merchandise on time, it was well packed, everything was in brand new condition and worked well the first time. I do a lot of shopping online and although I expect all these things I described I'm often disappointed. I know it takes a lot of effort satisfying your customers, keeping your costs under control and maintaining a well-run staff of people. From my perspective you are doing all the right things. I imagine your company will grow, and as it does I wish you the best in being able to maintain all these elements at such a high performance level. - Rob H., 3/14/13

I recently received a small order from you within 2 days from the time I ordered it. Great service. Just wanted to say thanks. - Rick L., 3/11/13

I just wanted to tell you, you guys are great. All of my orders have shipped on time and I have never had a single problem. I just received my latest order and everything looks great. Thank you. - Brian W., 3/8/13

You have been one of the easiest companies I have dealt with on a return! Rest assured that I will be buying more items from AIH! As you can see I have things in my basket that I want, just saving up my pennies! - Tim O., 3/7/13

I must say I don't have anything but good to say and spread about your business. I will be sure to tell my home brewing buddies about your site. Several of us enjoy brewing different beers and what not. Thanks again. You guys are great. - Darren L., 2/14/13

I could not have been happier with my recent order. The items were delivered so fast I thought I ordered Jimmy Johns. I try to shop in person when I can get down to A2, but I definitely won't hesitate to order online. Thanks for your great service! - Andy B., 2/8/13

Just wanted to give you guys some 'kudos.' I make a lot of online purchases and your team is one of the best I have ever dealt with. You process orders fast. Ship them quickly. And I recieve them promptly. You have great prices , and excellent communication with your customers. I will be steering all of my brewing friends toward your website. I enjoy doing business with you , and will be doing much more. - Jon M., 10/31/12

I'm happy to brag about the quality and service of AIH! Excellent product A+, Excellent Service A+, Competitive Price A+. All around top notch. Cheers! - Jeff R., 10/10/2012

I think this is the second or third time I have ordered and each time the process was painless. The items were processed and delivered in a reasonable time and were as expected. I will always look to your site when purchasing home brew items online. - Chris K., 10/6/2012

I just want to give you kudos for your excellent service and communication. I have been in retail and customer service for over 25 years and it is rare when a company asks for feedback and then actually responds to that feedback. I really appreciate your personal service. While price is important, it is customer service that keeps me coming back. I am rarely impressed with a company’s service but I am definitely impressed with yours and I will be back. Thanks again. - Pat H., 10/1/2012

Adventures in Homebrewing was great to deal with! They have all the right equipment to make my brew day go as smoothly as possible! I'll be purchasing many more items and kits from them in the future! - Tom P., 9/24/2012

Just a quick note to say once again a huge thank you for arranging the shipment of these items to arrive on time so that my colleague could collect them during a business trip to the US and bring them back to the UK. The service from you guys has been flawless to date and I'm already planning the next purchases for delivery in Boston when I'm on business there in early September. Keep up the great work! - Warren C., 8/22/2012

I have to say I was very impressed with your service and prices. I am a long time brewer and have purchased from many vendors. I look forward to working with you again. - Michael R., 8/11/2012

As usual your service is impeccable and the things I ordered worked great. 'Til next time. - Steven P., 6/14/2012

Awesome service and fair pricing. Thanks! - Dan P., 6/13/2012

Great site and great service. I love the rewards program. I definitely will be ordering more from you. - Vito A., 6/12/2012

Everything is great; hard to find customer service as good as yours! - Mark J., 6/9/2012

Everything was great as always, love buying from you, both my neighbor and myself get all of our equipment from your place. Keep up the great quality and service! - Nathan W., 5/2/2012

I am completely new to home brewing, so I really appreciated the time you took to help me get everything I needed to add to the education I am getting in brewing. So, as I customer I didn't feel like just another sale you had to process but someone you would take the time to help. I really appreciated it. - James P., 4/29/2012

I definitely know where to get my supplies! Thanks for the quick shipping and the Michigan rate! Better than I could have gotten from anywhere else. I've told my brewing group about Adventures in Homebrewing and the great experience I've had.
 - Eric S., 4/25/2012

I am happy with my purchase. I also appreciate the Rewards Program. This will come in handy. Thanks! - David A., 4/19/2012

I have received everything. I really enjoy ordering from your website. It's trustworthy and everything comes promptly. Items are priced well. Thank you very much. - Troy B., 4/13/2012

I am pleased with my order. I liked, especially, the correspondence including a UPS tracking number. Thanks. - Rose F., 4/8/2012

You guys rock. I've recommended your shop to a few homebrew friends. Thanks! - Carl J., 4/6/2012

Always very pleased with my orders. Have not been disappointed. I don't have much down this way and your website gives me access to anything I may need. Thanks again! - Rob L., 4/3/2012

You're going to laugh at me, but would you PLEASE open a location in the Boston, MA area! Your service and prices are awesome. - Jason G., 3/20/2012

Thanks for some great service and products, folks! Really impressed by your friendliness and dedication. - Richard A., 3/19/2012

You guys always take great care of me and I don't ever doubt the quality of the ingredients and equipment I buy from you. Happy customer here. - Micah M., 3/9/2012

I absolutely love the website, it has everything I need. Orders always ship and arrive quickly. I plan on making another order soon, this homebrewing stuff is addictive :) - Adam M., 3/8/2012

Great packaging, shipping and prices. Thanks for all the great service as usual. - Casey C., 3/6/2012

You guys definitely get 5 stars for service. Packaging was excellent, box arrived in excellent condition and the items inside were in great shape. Thank you. Jake C., 2/29/2012

Thank you for the prompt delivery of my item. It is in perfect condition. You guys have amazing customer relations and it's been a pleasure doing business. - Renee N., 2/28/2012

I'm very happy with the products I have ordered from Adventures in Homebrewing. Everything arrives on-time and exactly as advertised. I am also extremely appreciative of all the great service and advice I have received. I will certainly keep using AIH in the future. Thank you. - Mary J., 2/15/2012

Just wanted to send high praises to you and let you know how glad I am that I found you guys. You have treated me well, like a real person and not a bot and gone out of your way each time to please me, a customer. That says a lot for your business and customer service approach. Thanks. - Brian S., 2/15/2012

I am very happy with my experience with Adventures in Homebrewing. I ordered something online and you were out of it and you called me and allowed me to replace it with another product so that I still received it in time for Christmas. It was like I was dealing with a shop down the road, but only you are half a country away. I will be a returning customer. Thank you. - Marc V., 2/11/2012

Not sure if youll get this or not, but wanted to thank you and your staff at the Taylor store for being not only friendly but great mentors! Chris and Tom are excellent, always helpful and working hard to grow your business. Currently building a tasting room and stand alone all grain nano brewery in my basement. No big surprise, my wife booted me from the kitchen months ago and man its cold in the garage, blessing in disguise as it is good for everyone and my brewing adventures! Great work, many thanks! - Ron P., 2/3/2012

Thanks for all your help. I'll be doing a lot of shopping with you guys in the future. Your customer service, really great prices and super-fast shipping have really impressed me. Thanks again. - Nate S., 1/28/2012

Your products and service are far better than anyone else I have ordered from on the internet. That's why I only order from you. The Selection Premium Liebfraumilch is about the best white wine I have found to make at home. Thank You. - Dan G., 1/24/2012

I received the products that I ordered and they were delivered as promised. They are exactly what I needed and performed perfectly. Thank you for the fast shipping and excellent customer service. Both are greatly appreciated. - Paul C., 1/17/2012

I have tried it all, everything works great! I appreciate your quick delivery and accurately filled ordered and low price. I'll use your store again to be sure. Cheers. - Ray R., 1/16/2012

You guys have met every request or need that I come up with. The products ship quickly, and the staff is available and friendly to work with. - Nick O., 1/13/2012

Everything arrived quickly and perfectly. I'll be a repeat customer. Thank you! - John L., 1/12/2012

I have only ordered from you twice thus far; however, as a person who deals quite often with customer service issues I can tell you that you have a great team and provide excellent service. I am a fan. - Mary J., 1/9/2012

I am extremely happy with what I ordered and the amount of customer service I have received since ordering with your company. Through calls and emails your staff has been nothing but accommodating, helpful and very knowledgeable. To say the least I am very impressed and will be ordering from and recommending your site to others. - Kathryn D., 1/6/2012

Hey guys, just wanted to drop a note and let you know how great you guys were with my wife in her quest this Christmas to surprise me with a keezer with CO2 and nitro capabilities. She ordered equipment from y'all and not all of it was compatible. This was caught by one of your employees who called my wife, put all the proper stuff together, and then boxed it up himself and shipped it all off that day so that it arrived on time. We value exceptional customer service like that and will definitely order stuff from you in the future. Have a wonderful New Year!! Cheers. - Liles L., 1/4/2012

Everything is great. You have fair prices, quick shipping and I do prefer your specialty yeasts. Thanks. - Evelio P., 12/31/2011

The products look great. I ordered them at 2PM and by 7PM the same day you guys were calling me to say they were ready! Great service as always, thank you! - Adam J., 12/28/2011

Great service, good products, good prices. I have been recommending AIH to my brewing friends. Thanks. - Orval E. 12/28/2011

Your products, service, and especially the quick turn around on shipping are second to none. Thank you. - Mark M., 12/17/2011

Every order I have received from you guys has been great!!! Always fast shipping, reasonable pricing, and great products. Thanks for checking in with me, no one else does so I assume my business with you guys is very important. Always a pleasure dealing with AIH, and I'm looking forward to my next order!! Thanks again. - Randy L., 12/8/2011

You guys have always had great products and service. I will certainly continue to buy from you. Have a great holiday season. - Andy M., 12/7/2011

Thank you for the help you gave me regarding my stuck cider. I followed your advice and now it has begun to ferment. You guys have been great to deal with and you probably will have to deal with me for 30 years or so until I go to that great cider mill in the sky. Thanks again. - Jim S., 11/13/2011

Just wanted to thank you for the lightning fast delivery. I ordered 4 soda kegs Wednesday morning and they were on my doorstep Thursday afternoon! Excellent job. Thank you. - Derek M., 7/9/2010

Thank you!!! :) I'll be in again soon! Love your store and your service! - Sharon D., 5/30/2010

Thanks for the healthy rhizomes! All 4 are sprouting and I'm psyched! - Heath T., 4/30/2010

I received the growler yesterday. It is fantastic! Exactly what I was looking for. I appreciate all your help. Thank you for checking in about the order as well, that was very nice of you. - Liza M., 2/25/2010

I just want to say thank you for your excellent service. I ordered a hydrometer on Friday night and on Monday I received the package. I had no idea it would be that fast. Thank you for your expeditious service. I will definitely be shopping with you guys again. - Jeff H., 2/8/2010

Are you guys for real?! I'm a new brewer and I've only bought one AIH kit from you. I sent a question to Jason asking if there was any kit close to a Red Stripe because that's my favorite beer. He researched a recipe and put together a AIH kit. A few days later it's on your wesite for sale! Are you kidding me? What other brew site would do that for a customer just because they asked? You guys are awesome and thanks a ton Jason! I can't wait to try it! - Brian A., 1/27/2010

I received the funnel screen yesterday. Thank you so much. It's nice to see some customer service these days. I will definitely order from you again. - Brian B., 1/26/2010

Just got my order today (I ordered only two days ago). Absolutely amazing! Thanks for the great service. I will definitely be recommending you guys to all my friends. - Bob R., 12/30/2009

Just wanted you to know that we got the orifice for the burner and were able to use the mash tun Saturday. It is awesome, everything went so smooth too. We knocked about 2 1/2 hours off our brew time, that includes total clean up. We started at 7am and were done at 1pm. Plus I do not feel like I worked a 14 hour day either. Much easier. Our efficiency ended up about the same as when we do decoction 90%. Again thanks so much. - Laura T., 11/19/2009

After dealing with another homebrew supplier for two years, I have to say that I am soooooo pumped to have discovered a real beer shop. You guys rock. - Bill R., 10/31/2009

Just a note to let you know that the EZ corker arrived yesterday. I mailed the Italian corker this morning. You can tell a lot about a company in how they handle a situation when things don't go just right, in this case you passed with flying colors. This means a lot and will make 1st time customers become repeat customers. So a big thank you to you Jason , and also give Tom a big thanks. I'll keep Adventures in Homebrewing in mind for my future wine making needs. - Dave S., 10/24/2009

Just wanted to stop by and say: Finally! I found a homebrew shop close by that offers all kinds of supplies and can get it shipped to me QUICKLY! My order placed on September 21 was delivered Septemebr 22... even though I called to adjust my order. You still got it out that day. You guys rock! - Josh V., 9/23/2009

I am writing you to thank you for your customer service. I recently ordered a Party Pig with the added pump. When the item was delivered, an extra activation pack was included but the Pump was missing. I called you and informed you of the problem. You immediately sent out the piece I was missing (I received it in a couple of days). Thank you for your prompt attention to the matter. Customer Service like that is a rarity nowadays. I will be sure to shop with you again. - David B., 7/14/2009

Thanks for all the effort Jason. This is my first order with you, and this kind of customer service is very unheard of. Thank you again! - Aaron T., 7/14/2009

The customer service I received was above and beyond what was required. I appreciate the dedication to your craft and your customers. - David R., 5/29/2009

I had recently made an order with your company and I am delighted to have done business with you. My hops came almost the next day! Then you were kind enough to send me extras. I can not thank and your company enough. I will be doing all my future business with you guys. I have also spread the word to all of my home brewing buddies and most are making the switch from other homebrew shops just because of your wonderful service. Again thank you and your team very much. - Jared M., 4/30/2009

I am not sure if this is a personal email or an automated one for every order, but I would just like to say what an awesome job you guys did. You had the best price around on what I bought, as well as got it to me in like four days on standard shipping. Unbelievable service. You guys just made a new customer as I plan to shop here again. Thanks for the outstanding job. - Preston H., 11/6/2008

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the quick turn-around. A lot of places take a couple days to even process the order. With getting this gear and beer kit by Thursday, I think you really made my this Thanksgiving special. It is the first time my family will make it down to visit and I was hoping to surprise them with my new skill at homebrewing. Thank you again and you can expect many recommendations and more business in the near future! - Jack M., 11/4/2008

The keg tap I ordered works great! And, you got it to me fast. I will be using you in the future. Keep up the great work. - Tim H., 8/26/2008

I try to go to the store since the face to face service is so good. This time I had to mail order for the corny keg since I couldn't make it in. The keg came 2 days after I ordered it, and was in great condition. - Randy T., 8/1/2008

By far the best and fastest service that I have received on any online order. Awesome kegs at awesome prices! I will be a customer for life! - Phil T., 7/23/2008

I wanted to thank you for having the growing hops manual on PDF. I am especially pleased that the methods described are ORGANIC!!! What is more important than knowing what goes into what you consume? I really appreciate your supplying this information for free, in an accessible format, I have been doing internet searches and this is the best information I have found after a few days. Thanks again! - Misty S., 7/3/2008

Fast delivery on nice kegs - what more can you ask for. - Mike M., 5/24/2008

Just a thank you on how fast you got my last order out. CHEERS! I will recommend people get their kegs from you. Awesome deal and ridiculously fast delivery. - Gary K., 4/16/2008

Thank you for doing right on the liquid out dip tube you sent me. Both the cornies you sent me are now fully functional and in service! You will receive my blessing and recomendations for other homebrewers. In fact, I'll post on brewboard. - Rob W., 3/21/2008

I came in late for your show at the Wyandotte Boat Club. I'm looking forward to starting up my own home brewing. IPA's are my favorite (as of this writing). I really enjoyed your help, presentation, and brew. - Dan F., 2/24/2008

THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!! The deal on the Kegs was nothing short of AMAZING. On top of that the fast shipping and incredible service has absolutely blown me away. I will be a long time customer. Thanks again. - Mike C., 8/28/2007

I am impressed with your customer service. I have never received such service from any other online store. Thank you so much for your prompt service. Happy Holidays. - Nikki B., 12/20/2005

And Many Product Testimonials Throughout the Site!