Cleaning Keg with 2 Sankey D Couplers

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10 L Cleaning Keg with Dual Sankey D Couplers

Perfect for cleaning beer lines! This cleaning keg is made of stainless steel and has a 10 liter (or just over 2.5 Gallon) capacity. The top of the keg features a removable lid with pressure relief valve and two Sankey D coupler connections. Hook up to two separate beer lines directly to keg, fill keg with a beer line cleaner, and then simply run the cleaner through your system according to the recommended directions on your cleaner. This Cleaning Keg will allow you clean even large multi-tap systems quickly and easily, ensuring you get a perfect pour, pint after pint!

10 L Cleaning Keg with Dual Sankey D Couplers Includes:

  • 10 Liter (~2.5 Gallon) Capacity
  • 2 Sankey D Coupler Connections
  • Carrying Handle
  • Removable Lid with Pressure Relief Valve

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Mark Dessert
Great Product

This mini cleaning keg works great, no complaints.

Dustin Ramsey

Cleaning Keg with 2 Sankey D Couplers

David Wilson
Cleaning Keg is Awesome!!!

I was looking for affordable Beer tap line Cleaner and found this one online. It's
great because you can clean 2 taps at the same time and it's a quality product!!!
Adventures in Homebrewing did an awesome job with the quick Shipping, also.

Chris Melick
Good idea, but not great for a kegerator user.

If you intend to clean a dozen lines in succession, this item might be okay for you.

It is metal as opposed to the equally expensive plastic bottles (that expire) and this item has the dual Sankey body/valve whereas the plastic bottles only have a single connection.

The first time I used it, the seal on the top leaked wasting a bunch of CO2. It's a bit of a clunky design.If you're cleaning a single line, the vessel uses a fair amount of CO2. The dip tubes are plastic tubing about an 1" in diameter and they don't get to the bottom of the vessel meaning you'll need to use more cleaning solution/water.

I was looking for a better solution than the more common beer line cleaning apparatus. I'd only recommend this item for people who will be cleaning multiple beer lines in a single session. It's too bad that they don't offer a smaller vessel size. Otherwise, the cleaning keg did what it is advertised to do. Shipping was pretty fast and ordering was simple.

Michael Grout
Great kegerator cleaner

So much easier than the old plastic squeeze bottle. Just hook it and your system is clean in minutes!

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