What?! Cocktails in a keg? Cocktails on tap? Draught Cocktails?....Of course!

That’s exactly what we are talking about! For as long as we can remember, the bar industry has been trying to find the best way to service craft cocktails efficiently, consistently and as fast as they can make them.

Cocktail Keg

The cocktail keg can make all this happen...and more! For many of years, bars, restaurants and nightclubs have been “batch cocktailing” for the speed of service, the consistency of product and the ease of use. The practice was to make a large batch of the cocktail and split it amongst multiple bottles for the service period, once the bottle is emptied it has to be rewashed and sanitized and eventually refilled for the next service period. Some drawbacks to this method are having multiple bottles and enclosures laying around your establishment, and we all know clutter is an issue in a fast paced environment!

Often while these bottles of libations sit waiting to be put to use and the cocktail has too much time to settle and separate. Heavier ingredients such as nectars, simple syrups and natural sugars will sink while higher alcohol and proofed products will stay on top creating an unbalanced cocktail. This will really impact the quality and consistency of the drink.

Using a Craft Cocktail Keg will help you manage all of these issues! The pre-filling of dozens of bottles, the counting and inventory of them, the cleaning and sanitizing, and even the replacement because we all know if it is glass...it will break! Not to mention the issues with separation of the cocktail itself! Here is where the keg earns its way….

Keg Placement: The Cocktail keg is designed to pour your creations through just about any style of bar service. Weather it be a tapped faucet on a tower, or from a jockey box on the side, or even through the service gun at the bar itself. And because the units are double handle five gallon slender kegs, they will fit just about anywhere and are easily switch out with ball lock quick connections. Simply release the pressure and remove the gas and liquid disconnect connections and replace the new keg. The connections are made to twist on and off using a swivel threaded flare nut, which make it easy to pull them off for cleaning. Your bartenders will not skip cleaning the equipment for the simple fact that its is so easy.

picture of two cocktails

Functionally: It keeps separation at bay by continuously mixing your cocktail each time you draw off a portion. The pressure used to dispense the drink, churns the mixture and keeps it from separating. Each drink poured will give the drink another churn by replacing the pressure through the bottom of the keg, not the top!

Speed: Weather your a hopping night club, a spring break resort, popular bar known for your FAB cocktails, or just looking to serve quality, consistent pre-mixed cocktails, The Cocktail keg will make it happen! You will be able to pour a drink, more efficiently, with less materials to watch after, and more consistently than ever before!

Consistency and Accuracy: When you use our new cocktail kegs, you will find that drink quality will raise, consistency from pour to pour will be more accurate and there will be less waste due to no more separation. You and your guests will appreciate the perfect mix from the first to the next drink.

Join the hottest new trend in cocktailing…..and discover not only the advantages of using the cocktail keg, but the versatility too!


Picture of several cocktails