All American Light Beer Recipe Kit

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Perfect for summer!
All American Light Beer Recipe Kit

Play Ball! Pale straw to medium yellow color. The use of Rice Solids, helps to keep this beer light, crisp and dry, with low levels of sweetness. Light hop character, just enough to balance. All in all, easy to drink and perfect for the Summer! Serve in an ice cold glass, flip-flops optional.

Yield : 5 Gallons
Original Gravity : 1.037
Final Gravity : 1.009
Color / SRM : 5.15
Alcohol by Volume : 3.59%
IBU (anticipated, alpha acids can fluctuate) : 19.66

Specialty Grains : N/A
Hops : Liberty

Recipe Includes: Liquid Malt, Specialty Grains & Hops, Rice Solids
View The All American Light Beer Recipe Kit Instructions here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
The Proselytizer

After hearing some say they would never drink my "bathtub brew" with the weird names, flavors, and colors other than pale yellow, I decided to go back to basics and make something that could sway their opinions of homebrew. This beer did the trick. Not only did they like it, I know of one who is looking to get his own homebrew kit and join the craft. Light and mildly sweet on the palate, clean and refreshing on the finish. A great beer for craft beer aficionados and those first venturing past the big three.

miguel hernandez
Good easy to make light beer

This is the easiest beer I've ever made . I haven't tried it without the brewvint 1% alcohol boost but i would think it would be a little too light without it. i used a whirlfloc tablet and got a really clear beer. i used Wyeast 1056 American Ale yeast. i would totally do this beer again and it will stay in my kegerator rotation.

Dennis F.
Good party beer. "Kegs" great.

I loved the first batch! SO much so, I am working on a second batch to check for consistency.

Suprisingly Good

Thinking of what this beer would resemble, I didn't have high expectations for the result (purchased it purely for the $20 kit and thought it may be an appropriate lawn mower beer). Honestly, this turned out quite well. I used US05 yeast and fermented at 65F. If you have been in the St Louis area, this beer has more of a kraftig character than any of the B/M/C beers. This has been my go to beer so far this summer and I haven't been mowing my lawn often.

Ricky Derzapf
Good recipe

Good simple beer. Great for my non-adventurous friends.

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