Mead Making Equipment Kit 1 Gallon

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1 Gallon Equipment Kit
Mead Making Equipment Kit - 1 Gallon

This kit includes:
  • 2 gallon plastic fermenter w/drilled grommeted lid
  • 1 gallon glass jug secondary fermenter
  • 38 mm Screw Cap with Hole
  • One 3-piece airlock
  • 3/8" mini auto siphon
  • 6 feet of 3/8" siphon hose
  • 100 Campden Tablets
  • Yeast Nutrient
  • Fine Nylon Bag
Optional Add-Ons:
1 Gallon Traditional Mead Recipe Kit (View Instructions)
1 Gallon Blueberry Mead Recipe Kit (View Instructions)

You may also be interested in our article How to Make Mead. While the article covers how to make 5 gallons of mead, the same basic principles can be applied to a 1 gallon batch including the discussion on secondary fermentation and bottling your mead.

The Complete Meadmaker book pictured is NOT included unless purchased separately.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Andy Clark
Great Starter Kit

This kit got my wife and I in love with mead making and already have ideas for many more flavors.

William Green
First Mead Brew

Made my first mead brew with this product. Came out exceptionally well. Used the one gallon traditional mead product with my addition of my own yeast, orange peel and brewed black tea. I also used the hydrometer from the 5 Gal purchase. Worked very well. On to Viking Blod (Hibiscus and hops version). Great hobby.. just sits there and works for you!

David Fraser
Great Starter Kit

I had been making 6 gallon batches of wine for a while but wanted to try my hand at making Mead. This kit is a great size to try some recipes to see what you like before scaling it up.

Brian S
Great Kit!

This is an awesome kit, it has the equipment I needed! It was a great value.

Justin B
Not a bad kit

Not a bad starter kit and it shipped very fast. Unfortunately my airlock was cracked upon arrival as well as the lid to the fermenter being slightly warped. I was able to fix the crack with glue and used plastic wrap on the fermenter to create the airtight seal needed. However it was still disappointing to have to do either of the fixes. AIH Note: Please feel free to contact our customer service team with any product-related issues. Thank you!

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