Priming Sugar - Corn Sugar 2.2 lb (Dextrose)

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2.2 pounds
Priming Sugar - Corn Sugar 2.2 lb / 1 kg (Dextrose)

Dextrose brewing sugar, also referred to as corn sugar, is a naturally occurring form of glucose. Use dextrose instead of white sugar in either your fermentation or priming your beer when bottling. Dextrose is quicker to dissolve than white sugar and 100% fermentable.

This 1kg package of dextrose can be used for priming/carbonating beer or for increasing the expected ABV of your next beer, wine, mead or cider.

Need to bottle your beer? Check out our simple instructions for home beer bottling.

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Customer Reviews

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priming corn sugar

This product works very well to carbonate your brew in the bottle. I have used it before with good results. Be sure to fill bottles up with very little head space set cap on right away, this lets the co2 push out all the air in bottle to make sure no bacteria gets into your brew. The carbonation will take 2 or more weeks to fully complete. Finally make sure you put any remaining sugar in a zip lock bag pushing all air out before sealing. Then put that in another bag to make sure no moisture can get in, or you will have one sugar rock.

Michael Frericks

Seriously, no one has ever done a review on corn sugar? I know there are lots of abv junkies out there getting their fix with this stuff. As for the review the product is corn sugar but it is clean, fine with no clumps and the bags always come sealed perfectly.

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