Handy Clamp (7/16" O.D. and 3/8" O.D. Hose Clamp)

Item Number: 119-4220A

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For use with 7/16" O.D. beer tubing or 3/8" O.D. siphon tubing
Plastic, reusable, adjustable Handy Clamp

For use with 7/16 O.D. and 3/8" O.D. tubing. Perfect for using on our 3/16'' i.d. x 7.16" o.d. beer line and 5/16'' i.d. x 3/8'' o.d. siphon tubing.

To install you simply squeeze the clamp in the location and tighten with pliers if needed. To remove you just twist the clamp and it releases itself.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
David Francis
Got tired of digging out screwdriver

Great for the times you just want to click it and forget it. Just make sure to give it that extra click with pliers for gas.

Justin vasher
Works as they should

Work just fine.

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