Colt Bench Capper

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Colt Bench Capper

Featuring stronger construction than "beginner" bench cappers, this Italian made brew tool has a new trigger adjustment, heavy duty machined (not crimped) zinc crimping cup, and a weld-reinforced shaft.

The new trigger adjustment is quick and easy:

To adjust reach inside the capping head and squeeze the red trigger back towards the outside of the capper to release the capping head so it slides on the shaft. The trigger enables a steel pin that safely anchors the capping head on the shaft. Release the trigger when the capping head is in the desired position on the shaft and the steel pin locks it in place. Unlike less expensive bench cappers, the shaft is weld reinforced at the base with steel plates for durability.

This is the original Italian-made Colt Capper, not the Chinese made 'trigger' cappers without the weld-reinforced base.

At 20" in height, this steel and plastic capper will cap bottles ranging from 4" to 12" tall, including American champagne bottles.

Caveat Emptor: This capper fits 26mm American bottle caps only. This capper will not fit larger 29 and 31mm European caps and the optional crimping cups for the other bench cappers do not fit this model.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Daniel Shock
Works great!

I bought this capper because we bottle alot. It crimps the cap very tightly around the bottle top. The build quality is very good with excellent adjustability. I screwed this capper to a finished block of wood so that the base is larger now and gives us some counter balancing leverage. A very big improvement over the hand held capper.

Colt capper!

This thing is bad ass. I had the super Agata and had issues from day one. The colt is well worth the money!! I highly recommend it!!

John Mervine
Solid capper

I bought this since the one I got with my brewing kit was challenging to use. I am not disappointed. It took me a few tries to figure the right height and pressure but it works flawlessly.


Switched to this after years of using a hand held capper. So much easier to use and the caps appear to fit noticeably tighter.

Matthew Slaske
Solid Capper

A major step up from the garbagy plastic cappers bundled in many starter kits. A must have improvement if you cap alot of bottles.

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