BrewBuilt Dial Thermometer 6"

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BrewBuilt Dial Thermometer 6"
BrewBuilt Dial Thermometer 6"

The BrewBuilt Dial Thermometer 6" is a top-of-the-line measuring instrument, made in the USA by Tel-Tru manufacturing.

  • Accurate to 1% of the total range
  • A polished 3" 304 s/s housing
  • A hermetically sealed waterproof case
  • Glass face
  • External calibration capabilities, and a unique anti-parallax dial that provides for easy reading.
The reading is actually taken from the last 2.5" of the probe.

  • Large 3" Dial Face for easy readings
  • 6" Stem for your Boil Kettles and Hot Liquor Tank.
  • Can be calibrated with 1/16" Allen Wrench (Though should never be needed)
Dual Scale Range: 0-220 ° F, -10 to 100 ° C
Back Connection is 1/2" MPT, stem is 1/4" SS
8 year Manufacturer Warranty

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