Breathable Silicone Stopper

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Breathable Silicone Stopper

Fits 3,5,6 & 6.5 Gallon glass carboys and 500 ml flasks.


A breathable Silicone stopper that acts as both a stopper and an airlock. Unique design allows CO2 pressure to escape but keeps Oxygen and airborne contamination out. Quickly became our stopper of choice for wine. Used by numerous commercial wineries. Also has great application for beer ferments: Will create a vacuum if fermenting wort cools (as opposed to pulling water in from your traditional airlock.) Air tight seal is great for extended fermented lager when CO2 production is still present but very slight.

**Product appearance may vary depending on vendor

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kevin Meintsma
Breathable, but the wrong way...

The breathable bungs I received were of a design that allows air to flow both directions with little restriction. Ruined two batches of mead that oxidized. AIH refunded the purchase, but I do not recommend the bungs with 4 holes and a flap on the top of the bung with a long spear that protrudes from the bottom. Save your beer don't buy them!

Breathable Silicone Bung At Work

I am a first time home brewer; I purchased the breathable silicone bungs for Primary Fermentation. It allows me to tend to my business of living while the silicone bung does its work for me. I do not have to check it daily to top up any water or vodka and I do not have to burp it either. The fermentation process will do its work while the bung allows for Co2 to escape the bottle and keep out O2 and any other unwanted organism. So far it is holding up perfectly. I wish I had the option to upload a photo as evidence. Cheers!


Picked up 5 of these and all of them are junk dont waste your time and money.

Garett Hoffman
Dont buy unless you just want a stopper to keep out dust

Just got these and I'm not sure at all how they would ever work as an airlock, or a stopper. The holes don't seal at all. There are small pieces from the mould that stick up and prevent the top part from creating a seal, thus you've got open holes. I wanted these to bulk age wine and mead but it looks like they will be for a primary ferment where I need a bug proof but open fermentation.

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