AiH Wort Plate Chiller

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AiH Plate Chiller

*Made of Stainless Steel
*Comes with 10pcs Plate
*Weld by pure brazing copper
*Water in/out 3/4" Male Garden Hose
*Wort in/out 1/2" Male NPT

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Customer Reviews

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Leonard Pitts
Great plate chiller

I have used this plate chiller for 2 batches now. Since I wanted to be able to use this chiller without a pump, prior to first use I redesigned my brew pot stand so that I could have a 20" drop from the pot to the chiller. I can drain & cool 4 gallons of wort in about 8 minutes (cooling to ~75F). It does use a lot of water in those ~8 minutes but I expected that at full glow from a water hose. No issues with sanitizing it. I find it easier to clean & sanitize than my previous counter-flow chiller.

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