1/2'' SS Weldless Thermowell

Item Number: 73-RLTSS140

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This thermowell allows for protection
of your thermometer probe within your kettle while still allowing an accurate
temperature read. Will Work with Thermometers up to 6" in length. For the most accurate reading, we recommend using a thermal grease inside the thermowell to fill the space between the thermometer and the inner walls of the thermowell.

Directions: (Use teflon Tape on Threads)

  • Thread Coupling onto Thermometer (do not use face of thermometer to tighten)
  • Drill 7/8" Hole in Kettle
  • Feed thermowell and one washer through from inside kettle
  • Tighten second washer and lock nut from outside of kettle
  • Add thermometer to outside of kettle

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Eric Rodgers
Use a Step Bit

I was hesitant to order one of these because I needed to drill a 7/8" hole in some 1mm thin stainless steel. Anyone who has operated a drill press would understand my concerns. However, I invested in a step bit and had no issues with the 1mm S.S. I was drilling into. Highly advise a step bit if your going to use the thermowell in very thin material.

Douglas Klumpp
Quality product but...

I would not recommend getting the 2" probe thermometer offered as an add-on. It barely reaches the kettle when attached to the coupling and I was not confident it would take an accurate reading. I am in the process of replacing with the 6" probe thermometer (product 73-3694).

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