Pilsen Malt - Avangard Malz Premium 1 lb

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Pilsen Avangard Malz Premium 1lb

Avangard is the largest producer of brewing grains in Germany, and as such has the best buying power, the top production plants and the best supply chain of any German malt producer.

Excellent malt for Pilsners, cream ales, and any Belgian style. Slightly lighter in color then your typical Pale malt. Sold in a one pound bag.

Lovibond 1.5

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
William Bolte
Nice, versatile malt

Very good malt. It was well-milled and extracted well. Nice color and flavor that played well with others.

Randall Bell
Absolute Best

I was reading online where a company or group of people did a blind taste brew of 5 different Wheat LMEs making the exact same beer. Coopers Wheat LME won hands down blowing all the others away. So, I decided to make a hefe using Avangard pilsen and wheat grains and carafoam for the steeping grains, 3068 yeast at 68 degrees, and 2 cans of the Coopers Wheat LME. Absolute best beer EVER! In fact, a 64 year old man from work said: That's the best beer I've ever had in my life!!!

Makes a nice pilsner

I bought it by the pound at a nice price. 11 lbs for 5 gal of pilsner worked very well and made a nice golden color.

Good base malt

I have used this malt several times and am happy with it.

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