PICO Keg/Keggle False Bottom Assembly

Item Number: 99-2653

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PICO Keg False Bottom has our unique 16% open design. Our PICO Keg/Keggle False Bottom lends itself to better efficiency and a clearer sparge.
The 2 halves fit snugly into the keg preventing grain leakage while resting on 2.25" tall supports above the port. This allows you to mash in a keg kettle without scorching grains. Diameter is 15-3/8" which matches the inside diameter of the 1/2 barrels.
This is the most efficient false bottom we have ever seen or used.

These PICO False Bottoms should not be used with a pump discharge barb of over 3/8". Using large 1/2" barbs will create too much suction on the false bottom and can cause the stands to bend. We only recommend 3/8" tubing and barbs down stream of your Mash Tun.

For proper installation, place the false bottom on top of the supports with the bent pieces facing up.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Excellent product. I want the DXF for the void pattern.

Nathaniel Schotanus
Works and fits

False bottom fits great. Drilled a hole for my dip tub in it without much trouble, but it's not needed. You would just need to figure in your loss depending on where your hole is. Nice and solid solution for sanke keg false bottom.

Sean Coan
Brilliantly Simple

This is a great item. Goes together very ez! Makes it so nice to drain mash without all the grains. Cleans up very ez.

michael blubaugh

This thing works great! It fit like a glove in my sankey keg, and is very easy to install/manage. I am using this for my HERMS system and it worked great! Like another review stated, I am also using 1/2 inch hoses and fittings with no problems at all!

Shawn Scriven
Well Made, Easy to Use

Very well constructed item and easy to use/assemble. Great fit in my keggle. Used with a HERMs set up with half inch fittings despite the warning in the product description without issue. Definitely recommend this if you are looking for a keggle false bottom option.

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