Omega Dried Lutra Kveik Yeast OYL-071

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Dried Lutra Kveik 071 Omega Dry Yeast

The same shockingly clean Lutra that you love in liquid form is now available in a convenient dry format. Dried Lutra's clean canvas, huge temperature range, high alcohol tolerance and fast finishing speeds means unrivaled flexibility and versatility for nearly any style. For a refreshing pseudo-lager or a huge imperial stout -- for any reason you need a neutral dry yeast, use Dried Lutra OYL-071 and get more, faster.

Temp. Range: 68 - 95°F
Flocculation: Med - High
Attenuation: 75 - 82%
Alcohol Tolerance: 15%ABV
Strain Type: Norwegian Kveik

Looking for a substitution? There's only one Omega Lutra! But the classic "Chico" Style yeast is another strain known for it's clean fermentation profile.
Dry yeast: Safale US-05

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
brent bronnenberg
Very good yeast

After using Omega Dried Lutra Yeast to make a pseudo lager I definitely wanted to purchase more. Very good yeast

Charles Julian
Yeast option for a lager

Living in Florida I have found this to be the perfect yeast for my Octoberfest with a fermentation temp range from 68° to 95°

Jake Tweedy
Absolute fire. My favorite yeast

Fast fermenting, wide temperature range, super clean ferment - I use this yeast any time I want a FAST, CLEAN ferment.

Best yeast for 90% of beers!

Whenever I see us05 suggested for a beer recipe I use lutra. Whenever I see a lager yeast suggested I use lutra. I ferment in old corny kegs 78f in my house that's in Florida. No temp control, this yeast works every time and eats through low and high abv beers 3 days or less. Lutra has really helped me step up my homebrew game. Highly recommend!

T Bibb
Wonder Yeast

Using this yeast feels like a home brew "cheat code". It ferments effectively at 68F-95F with no off flavors. The lag phase from pitch to bubbles in the airlock is usually less than 6 hours. When fermenting above 80F it is usually done in about 3 days (or less). It flocculates well and leaves a mostly clear beer after 2-3 days in the keg. The alcohol tolerance is 15% ABV. It's a wonder yeast. If you don't have temp control and live south of I-80, this is your year round neutral ale yeast. Makes a pretty good faux-lager too. What's not to like? Worth every penny. Kveik for the win. My personal best with this yeast was a Cream Ale, grain-to-glass, in 6 days.

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