Paintball Adapter II (right hand thread)

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Paintball Adapter II (right hand thread)

Convert your right hand threaded CO2 regulator to use paintball CO2 tanks instead of the heavier type C02 tanks.

This is a right hand thread (1/4" NPT male threads) high pressure brass part that will only fit regulators with right hand high pressure ports.
You will need to use thread sealing teflon tape on the threads to prevent leaks before installing.

If you have a left hand threaded gauge this fitting will not work. We recommend ordering our left hand threaded adapter II.

Food grade lubricant e.g. (keg lube) must be used on the o-ring and the inside of the fitting. Failure to do so may cause damage to the o-ring.

(Paintball tank and gauge are not included)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Nice adaptor

Solid construction; works well with my application. Great value, highly recommended.

Great piece of hardware

I wanted to use my two stage regulator for CO2 on a 20oz paintball tank because of the small size and low cost. This adapter hooks directly into the regulator body in place of the nut and nipple. Installation is as easy as tightening a bolt with a set of pliers. Fit perfectly and works great. Because the connection from a paintball tank is different than the regular connection, you should have some extra o-rings for your paintball canister as these wear out and break very easily (a regular CO2 tank does not have an o-ring or washer). Delivery was lickety-split and item was packaged nicely. Thanks Adventures in Homebrewing!!!

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