1/2" Safety Siphon Kit

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1/2" Safety Siphon Kit

Start Siphoning Smarter and Faster!
Try this siphon starter once and you will be hooked! Find out what mechanics and fish tank owners already know! Immerse the 1/2" diameter copper column into liquid and simply shake it a few times and watch the siphon go! Also a great option to drain sanitizer quickly from your fermenting vessels or bottling bucket/keg without having to strain your back!

Comes with:
  • Safety Siphon 1/2" Easy Siphon Starter (100%-pure, lead-free copper valve with glass ball and stainless-steel spring. Made in the USA)
  • 5 feet of 1/2" thick wall tubing

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Customer Reviews

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I realize AIH says to contact them first before leaving a less than 4-star review, but this isn't a resolvable issue or AIH's fault in any way, so here goes. These things would be great if they didn't require so much jerking around to start the siphon. By the time you get it going, you've either kicked up sediment or the other end of the stiff tubing has worked itself out of whatever you're transferring into. The 1/2" diameter makes transfers quick, but is also very unforgiving when it comes to the aforementioned sediment, and unlike a racking cane, if you get it anywhere near the bottom of your fermenter, it acts like a vacuum cleaner. Maybe the smaller diameter works better for small (5ñ6 gallon) batches, or maybe it would work better with silicone tubing, but this thing is headed to the shed for emptying gas tanks at the end of the season.

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