Traditional Mead (One Gallon)

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Adventures in Homebrewing Traditional One Gallon Mead Kit

Traditional Mead (One Gallon) - This kit will make One gallon of mead.

What's Included:
4 Pounds of Honey
One Gallon Mead Additive Pack
Campden Tablet

*Honey will not ship in Glass Containers, Honey is shipped in Plastic Containers

Mead Knowledge :

The ancient Greeks gave the name Ambrosia to mead. It was also called Nectar. Some of the ancients believed it was the drink of the gods, and was thought to descend from the Heavens as dew. Then it would be gathered in by the bees. Ancient Greeks believed mead to have magical and sacred properties. The Greeks believed that mead would prolong life, bestow health, strength, virility, wit and poetry. The bees themselves, we are told by Virgil’s Georgics are driven to the sky to honor the goddess Aphrodite. And, the prophetess’ at Delphi are suspected of drinking mead made from a honey from slightly toxic plants in order to induce their prophetic states, and visions of the future.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Marco Reyes
Traditional Mead (One Gallon)

The mead is currently sitting still in a one gallon glass Carboy with a bubbler in a dark closet.
Most articles indicate that the mead will not be ready for at least 90 days. At 19 days since it was shipped, the mead has been sitting for two-thirds of the 19 days. I haven’t measure the final gravity but at two week mark, we are probably not there yet.

First time mead-maker

Keeping it brief, the kit is wonderful and my mead is currently in my secondary. My only issue with it is that the included instructions could use a revision to make them clearer and more accurate to the kit's contents.

Andy Clark
Great Starter Recipe

Great Recipe to understand the general idea of mead making.

William Green
First Brew

Used the One Gallon Traditional Mead product. Used the honey and one campden tablet and some of the yeast nutrients, but added my own yeast, orange peel, raisins and brewed black tea. Fermentation looks to be done by hydrometer reading after three weeks. Moved to carboy to ensure fermentation is complete remove air space and off gas and then will bottle. Flavor is excellent.

Thomas Lee
Great Set Up

This was a great set up for me! I am just getting into brewing and I love mead so this was perfect! I am waiting on my first batch to be ready!

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