Summer Wheat Beer Special

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Extract Kit
Summer Wheat Beer Special

Summer Wheat Beer Special! Crisp, refreshing, and highly sessionable for those hot summer days. This American Wheat is lightly hopped and finishes with a slight sweetness from the wheat. This is a full 5 gallon American Style Wheat Beer recipe kit! See why this has become our #1 selling kit. The yeast options above are for brewing this recipe as a classic American Wheat beer. If you would like a German Flare for your Summer Wheat, try White Labs 300 Hefeweizen Ale Yeast or White Labs 351 Bavarian Weizen Yeast.

Yield: 5 Gallons
Original Gravity: 1.044
Final Gravity: 1.011
Color / SRM: Golden
Alcohol by Volume: 4.50%
IBU (anticipated, alpha acids can fluctuate): 15

Specialty Grains: Flaked Oats, Flaked Wheat
Hops: 4 HBU Pack

Recipe Includes : Liquid Malt, Specialty Grains in a grain bag & Hops

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great service and deal, brew was above average

AIH, always seems to have the best deals and service. This brew is refreshing with a squeezed slice of orange, although it has a bit of a stronger than wanted hop/spice taste- might be my brewing?? Nevertheless, a good brew.

Andy Wiltzius
Good deal, good product good summer drinking

A fine wheat brew for summer, exactly what I expected.

Nick Varner
As good as advertised

Easy to make and easy to drink. Very good brew!

Robert MOBB
Great with raspberries

I add 2 pounds of frozen raspberries in secondary and it comes out great for a summer beer.

Thomas Bush
Very Nice Summer Wheat

This was my first wheat batch, so I thought I would experiment with this $20 kit. Activity in primary went two weeks. Racked to secondary, and it went two more weeks. FG = 1.011. I bottled this batch and waited two weeks, cooled and tried it out. This turned out really good. Friends were really impressed with it as well. I am letting this mature in cool storage. I bought a second kit. It just finished secondary. I am going to keg this batch. Great job AIH.

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