Preparing your wine bottles for bottling can become a large task if not handled properly. All the bottles, even new ones, need to be sterilized, drained and cleanly stored until you can actually get the wine into the bottle. Each five gallon batch requires 25 fifth size bottles, and if your doing 15 or 20 gallons, then the number of bottles you are dealing with can start to become a little overwhelming.

We offer a couple of items that take a lot of the hassle out of bottle preparation, leaving you with more time to enjoy the more fun side of making wine. We feel these items are too often overlooked, especially when you consider how much time they can save you.

The first item is called a Sulphatizer. It is a neat little item that sprays sulfite solution up into your wine bottle. You just push the bottle upside-down over the Sulphatizer's nozzle and a blast of sulfur solution splatters up inside the wine bottle. This action causes the sulfur gases in the solution to release within the bottle, sanitizing the entire inside.

And here's where it gets good. Once you have splattered the sulfite solution into the wine bottle, keep the bottle upside-down and the gases will linger inside while the bottle is draining and drying.

This is where the next item comes in - it's called a Bottle Tree. The Bottle Tree is a column that stands about 4 feet tall and has 90 short pegs that stick out in all directions and are pointed slightly upwards. You just simply hang the bottles upside-down over the pegs while they are waiting to be filled.

The Bottle Tree is also a convenient way for storing your wine bottles between uses or after washings. It efficiently holds up to 90 bottles in a very small area. Its wide base also doubles as a water collection tray so no mess can run out onto the floor.

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