45 Bottle Tree Drying Rack (Economy)

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45 Bottle Tree Drying Rack (Economy)

This 45 bottle drying rack is one of our best selling. Each level screws onto the one under it. The convenient handle screws into place, making a shorter or taller bottle tree very simple to build. Designed for use with standard 12oz beer bottles.
According to our vendor, this is a dishwasher safe item, but you probably should not use the heated dry option.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Thomas Taylor
Simplify a necessary task

Works very well. Worth every penny. Constrution is of reasonable quality and should stand up to regular use.

Joe Cronin
Nothing better

Got this, liked it so well that I ordered another. Does what it is supposed to and is made well to last. And the folks at AIH are good to deal with.

Good bang for the buck

Getting into home brewing and talking to other brewers, they all wished they had a bottle tree to make bottling day easier. I found this, ordered it, and made some buddies jealous? ìYou got how big of a tree? For how much? From where?î Screws together well. Holds bottles snuggly. The base is light so just be sure to be on a level surface.

Jeff Lange
Well worth the money

I'm always hesitant to spend money but this was worth every penny. Holds enough bottles for a 5 gallon batch (some of my bottles are 16 and 24 ounces) without any problems.

Highly recommend

I purchased this, along with the extra ring for this, and the Vinator. I paid the same price for all of it as my LHBS sells "non-economy" for. I don't believe the more expensive one is expandable either. Why they would make it to only hold 45 bottles is baffling. One previous review mentioned the pegs lining up together when the rings are screwed together. While this did happen a time or two, I felt confident there was enough threads to tighten or loosen them slightly to fix this. Non issue. They would have to integrate tread stops and you'd have to put it together in the same order every time for the manufacturer to remedy this. That would probably prevent this from being an economy model. Just make sure you generously spray the tree with whatever sanitizer you are using. This worked great and made bottling 2 5 gallon batches a breeze.

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