Zythos Summit IPA All Grain Recipe

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Aggressively Hopped IPA
Zythos Summit IPA All Grain Recipe

This beer is a beautiful bright and rich copper color. It has a fresh hop aroma of citrus and orange peel. There is a sweet, nutty malt sweetness with a dry finish and a long lingering bitterness. At 7.19% and 90 IBU's it's a hopheads dream. Other: Water Salts are added to this kit to enhance the hops.

Yield : 5 Gallons
Original Gravity : 1.074
Final Gravity : 1.019
Color / SRM : 14.03
Alcohol by Volume : 7.19%
IBU (anticipated, alpha acids can fluctuate) : 89.93

Specialty Grains : Crystal 60L, Crystal 10L, Munich, Amber
Hops : Zythos, Summit

Recipe Includes : Base Malt Grain, Specialty Grains & Hops
View The Zythos Summit IPA All Grain Recipe Instructions here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Matthew Hovanec
Universal favorite (among IPA and non-IPA drinkers)

This beer was excellent. I was able to pass it around to many folks who weren't IPA fans and they thought it was pretty good. So my "stats": OG: 1.069 FG: 1.007 Yeast: Safale US-05 (1 packet) ABV(calc'd): 6.7 So when the directions say to take your time with the fly sparge... DO IT. I calculated what I thought was a flow rate that would take an hour. When I came out, and saw that my HLT was still half full, I panicked and increased the flow rate. Fortunately I checked the OG before I did and it was around 1.065 pre boil. The final pre-boil OG was 1.056.... womp womp... I would recommend letting a slow sparge take its course, don't rush it. I might have been lucky and had a universal favorite due to the lower ABV. I think the grain bill and the hops contributed to an excellent beer. Those of you seeking a high ABV will still enjoy this, whereas those of you wanting something to share with friends may create a great all around ale that non-IPA fans will still enjoy. WILL DEFINITELY BUY AGAIN. 'Nuff said.

Christian Clark
Good beer

I just kegged the beer last week and pulled the first pint yesterday. It's a great tasting IPA with a good color. I prefer a little more hop aroma, and would add a second dry hop addition next time I make this. Also, the yeast listed in the instructions does not match the yeast on the order page. I used a white labs 001 California Ale yeast, while the instructions called for a 005 British Ale yeast. 001 is what I typically use for my IPA's, but I'd be interested to see what characters the 005 adds the next time I make it.

James Cooper
Hop Fix

This is a very good tasting hop combo. I ground the grain finer for BIAB and came close to the numbers. I kegged it. I will brew this one again for sure!

john M

Freshly tapped kegged taste, was really good. Dry hop bag opened in secondary so bits floating but I'm going to love this and brew in rotation for sure. Thanks AiH!

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