Yuengling Porter Clone All Grain Recipe

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5 Gallon Clone Recipe Kit
Yuengling Porter : ALL-GRAIN


In Partnership With Our Friends At Austin Homebrew Supply

Original Gravity 1.047

Final Gravity 1.011

5 Gallon Recipe Kit

Hops included with Kit:Cascade

Grains Included with kit:English Crystal, Black Patent

Also Included: Turbinado Sugar

Suggested Yeast: White Labs Mexican Lager 940, Wyeast Munich Lager 2308, Fermentis Saflager S-23, Omega Bayern Lager OLY114

View The Yuengling Porter Clone All Grain Recipe Instructions here.

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Customer Reviews

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Duncan Burns
Great Porter

This is a good porter. It's my 4th go with this recipe. Each one I try to improve it. I bottle and find to that the carbonation is weaker than desired. I went up 20% on the priming sugar. I've added another 4 HBUs and lastly I'm adding 2 oz of french roast coffee to the last try.

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