Wine Wand (Winexpert's Wine Whip)

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Wine Wand Three Prong Degasser

The ultimate degassing, mixing, and aerating tool! Thorough mixing and degassing of a wine kit is imperative. Drill-mounted three-prong design is 22.5" tall and made of sturdy food-grade plastic. The prongs are flexible so they can slide through the neck of a carboy.

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Customer Reviews

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Jon Kerr
Stick-on label is a problem

This is a great degassing tool worthy of 5 stars, but there is a big problem that should be easily avoidable. When I received it there was an adhesive label on the body of the tool. The adhesive could not be removed with alcohol or with Goo-Gone. The only way I could remove it was to scrape it off with a knife. Not knowing what is in that adhesive, or if it will leach into my wine made leaving it not an option.

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