Ultimate Mash Tun Brew Kettle - 15.5 Gallon

Item Number: 99-0065

Sale price$299.99


WIth 2 1/2" Couplings and False Bottom Assembly

Ultimate Mash Tun Brew Kettle

This is a new 2 weld 15.5 gallon keg, perfect for 10-13 gallon batches. The keg has a 12" dome lid opening. The has two sanitary welds, each with a 1/2" Full-Coupling. One can be used for a drain or siphon while the other can be used for a temperature gauge.

Material : 304L Stainless-Steel (Food Grade)

Size : 16" diameter, 23-1/4" height - 33 lbs weight

Includes our PICO Keg/Keggle False Bottom Assembly

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
jason mitchell
Great product

Mash tun delivered yesterday. Upon unpacking and assembling I was impressed by the quality of this product. I cant wait to use this on my next brew day.

Rick S.
Appropriately Named

The ultimate mash tun appears to be appropriately named. My burner on low raised the temp to protein rest and mash temperatures beautifully and controllably. I didnt overshoot the temps. The thickness of the steel retains heat pretty well. The false bottom worked well for mashing and for catching quite a bit of boiling hops. The blichman brewmometer works well and I like how you placed it below the false bottom to protect it because it takes a substantial spoon to stir the mash in a large vessel. Going by the taste test of the grain (didn''t use iodine) it appears that I acheived a pretty good conversion to fermentable sugars. Definitely a quality item that works. I haven''t tasted the beer yet but it smells good and the yeast are working furiously.

Rob & Laura T.
Great Success

You may or may not remember us, but you built our mash tun and we are having great success with it.

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