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Blue Tilt Hydrometer and Thermometer

Designed specifically for homebrewers, the Tilt Hydrometer & Thermometer monitors both the specific gravity and temperature of your batch while its fermenting without having to open your fermenter and waste your beer for test samples, allowing you to brew more consistent batches of beer and makes each batch much easier to track. Using the Tilt App (Available Here!) you can instantly check on your batches readings using an Apple iPhone/iPad or Android smartphone/tablet. Designed with a high precision temperature sensor and accelerometer, the Tilt monitors your batch with a fine degree of control. The specific gravity is accurate +/- 0.002 within the Tilt's 0.990 to 1.120 range. The included thermometer is accurate +/- 1 degree F. The increased transmission power of the Tilt gives it better reception and range, allowing it to send data through large, thick-walled fermenters and it will work with most Bluetooth 4.0+ devices. The Tilt was also built with efficiency in mind. The reduced power consumption allows to to use you Tilt batch after batch with the same battery. Each Tilt comes calibrated and ready to use with an included battery. Battery life is 12-24 months depending on usage. Easy to use, the Tilt makes a great addition to any brewhouse. Simply download the app, sanitize your Tilt, drop it into your fermenter, and start taking readings!

The Tilt Hydrometers comes in a rainbow of colors to brighten up your brew supplies, but these colors are not just cosmetic. Use a different color Tilt to monitor multiple batches of beer at the same time. The Tilt App will not read multiple hydrometers of the same color.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
David F
Very useful for making sweet meads

Works perfectly. Makes it very easy to monitor mead fermentation to judge when to add more honey.

Ralph Blommel
2nd one.

This is the second one I purchased, like how I can get the info easily without disturbing the brew.

Raymond Wunschel
Blue TILT 2

Found it very convenient to check temp and Gravity readings.

Michael G
Tilt Hydrometer

Haven’t brewed with it yet but tested it in a bucket of water. It works as advertised. Just be aware the shortest logged update rate is 15 minutes. This would be 5 stars but the documentation on how to use this device is lacking to say the least. I did stumble across an old Tilt video that helped get me going. Buyer beware you most likely need an unused phone or tablet that you can keep close to your fermenter. There are also a few electronic devices to have the Tilt talk to the internet. I have an old unused iPad that I can dedicate to the Tilt so this helped out.

Fantastic Device

I have used this device for two brews and both brews were fantastic It is so nice to see the fermentation process right before your eyes one fermentation took 13 days and the other 7 days - used a yeast starter and it took off running it went from 1063 to 1012 in 6 days and it was fun to watch. It is set up to download to brewfather without a hitch. The accuracy is uncanny great. I love it the best thing I have purchased in a long time.

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