Tilt Hydrometer (Black)

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Black Tilt Hydrometer and Thermometer

Designed specifically for homebrewers, the Tilt Hydrometer & Thermometer monitors both the specific gravity and temperature of your batch while its fermenting without having to open your fermenter and waste your beer for test samples, allowing you to brew more consistent batches of beer and makes each batch much easier to track. Using the Tilt App (Available Here!) you can instantly check on your batches readings using an Apple iPhone/iPad or Andriod smartphone/tablet. Designed with a high precision temperature sensor and accelerometer, the Tilt monitors your batch with a fine degree of control. The specific gravity is accurate +/- 0.002 within the Tilt's 0.990 to 1.120 range. The included thermometer is accurate +/- 1 degree F. The increased transmission power of the Tilt gives it better reception and range, allowing it to send data through large, thick-walled fermenters and it will work with most Bluetooth 4.0+ devices. The Tilt was also built with efficiency in mind. The reduced power consumption allows to use you Tilt batch after batch with the same battery. Each Tilt comes calibrated and ready to use with an included battery. Battery life is 12-24 months depending on usage. Easy to use, the Tilt makes a great addition to any brewhouse. Simply download the app, sanitize your Tilt, drop it into your fermenter, and start taking readings!

The Tilt Hydrometers comes in a rainbow of colors to brighten up your brew supplies, but these colors are not just cosmetic. Use a different color Tilt to monitor multiple batches of beer at the same time. The Tilt App will not read multiple hydrometers of the same color.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Cameron Haag
Great product

Works great right out of the box!

Mike Marquis
Why does Tilt need my location?

The Tilt Hydrometer works as described as long as location services are enabled. Why does it require location services? When I received the hydrometer, it would not communicate with my phone. I contacted Adventures in Hombrewing and they forwarded the issue to the manufacturer. I was sent a replacement unit right away. The replacement unit would not communicate with my phone. I found out about the location services requirement by searching the net. This is not explained in the startup instructions included with the unit. Once I enabled the location services, both hydrometers began communicating with my phone.

Maurizio Bussolino
Not Logging to cloud anymore

At first this tool was great, kept a good record through Google Sheets of the progress, temperature and gravity of my brews. About a year ago it stopped logging to the cloud/drive. The App would email the previous file instead of the new one. After contacting the developer of the app, a suggestion was made to uninstall and download it again. Nothing changes, it still has memory issues. I saw that they had an update in November, but again it would log in one reading and that is it, basically just the OG, I would not even let me re-name the brew and called just "Untitled". The app itself reads the current gravity consistently and that feature is working like a charm, so at this point 2.5 stars, just because it is just an expensive hydrometer. I checked with other users in my homebrew circle and they all have issues with it. Disappointed in the developers.


I donít know how I brewed without this. If youíre a data nerd itís a must have to keep an eye on temp and SG throughout the fermenting process. Easy to clean/sanitize and all you do is drop it in and connect.

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