The Brew Bag for 50 and 60 qt. Kettle

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12.5 Gallon to 15 Gallon
The Brew Bag for 50 and 60 qt. Kettle

50-60 Quart (12.5-15 gallon) Brew Bag fits kettles with diameters between 15" and 17" and with a height up to 22.5"

The Brew Bag™ allows you to start all-grain brewing with one kettle, one burner, one bag.

Features of The Brew Bag for Kettles

--Use again and again - not a one-time use bag

--*Handles should be kept away from open flame outside the kettle as this increases risk of scorching on the material*

--1" polypropylene straps for easy pick up using your hands or a pulley and hook

--Seams are on the outside - no particulates get trapped in the bag

--We encourage the use of a plate chiller - the most efficient cooling option

--Use it as your hop bag suspended above the kettle bottom

--The straps cover the seams and bear the strain on every use - this bag will last and last

--Hand wash and drip dry

--Interested in a custom-sized brew bag? Use the Live Chat or Question tabs to get a quote.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Chris Lee
Great but slower

Only one brew w it so far but worked great. I had been using a different brand which drained much faster, larger mesh. Minor adjustment on my part. Seems sturdy but suprised its not made in US

Great bag

Upgraded from an old drawstring bag to this and will never go back. The mesh is tighter to prevent grains from getting wedged and the seamless design makes cleaning a snap. The bag is big enough for my 15 gallon kettle with plenty to spare. Well worth the cost.

Works great, but ....

I've brewed two BIAB batches with this bag. After the 2nd batch, 3 of the loops which you use to hoist the bag with the Pulley had partially melted. I had the bag in the kettle heating up the strike water @158 degrees and kept the mash temp @152. So, I'm not doing this right just letting the loops hang down over the top of the kettle. I'm going to try to cover them with something on the next batch. I'm ordering another bag as it works well and is the right size for my 15 gal kettle.

Brew Bag

Fits and works perfectly.

Very good bag

I made over 40 batches in two of those. First one melted touching the pot 's real bottom when I forgot to install a "false bottom". I use an induction 3.5 kW heater which makes the pot's bottom very hot by design. Do not repeat my mistake! The bag itself is of very good quality.

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