The Brew Bag for 20 and 24 qt. Kettle

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5 Gallon and 6 Gallon
The Brew Bag for 20 and 24 qt. Kettles

20-24 Quart (5-6 Gallon) Brew Bag fits kettles with diameters between 11" and 13.5" and with a height up to 15"

The Brew Bag allows you to start all-grain brewing with one kettle, one burner, one bag.

Features of The Brew Bag for Kettles
  • Use again and again - not a one-time use bag
  • *Handles should be kept away from open flame outside the kettle as this increases risk of scorching on the material*
  • 1" polypropylene straps for easy pick up using your hands or a pulley and hook
  • Seams are on the outside - no particulates get trapped in the bag
  • Use it as your hop bag suspended above the kettle bottom
  • The straps cover the seams and bear the strain on every use - this bag will last and last
  • Hand wash and drip dry

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