The Adapter II Paintball Gauge

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Taprite Economy Regulator
Paintball Adapter II Regulator

This is our newest paintball regulator, it makes a lightweight co2 system for your co2 on the go. Much lighter than a 5 or 10 pound tank it connects right to your paintball tank. Giving you the ease of taking your keg of beer to a picnic or tailgate party.
It measures 13-5/8" total length. It comes with out the high side gauge but does come with a 5/16" barbed shut off/check valve.
System includes:
Taprite Single Gauge Regulator
Paintball Adaptor fitting

Paintball tank not included:
If you need one please see the options below for additional items you may need for your kegging system.
We highly recommend a protective boot guard for you regulator. Please see the option below.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Niall Toner
Does the trick

I bought the regulator and 20oz tank with adapter. I added a splitter and now both of my 2.5lb kegs my co2 tank and regulator fit into my jockey box cooler. I even have room for any other equipment and some bottles/cans. I broke the lid on my last one using a 2.5lb co2 tank with dual regulator. This literally does the same thing. No need to worry about coils just pack up and well it away.

Need different O-Ring on Tank

If you are using a 20oz tank from another vendor you will possibly need another sized o-ring in order for this regulator to work. Not sure why that is not mentioned when purchasing this regulator. Apparently the same size ID O-Ring with a larger size OD. Not sure where I'll find it but will let you all know. Total bummer. Wanted to use this for beer gun bottling.

Pål Staurland
O-ring problem but great when sealed

Note that the standard o-ring that are used when filling the paintball tank will not make a seal when using this regulator, the chamber above the threads are not tight enough. I need a non-standard, thicker o-ring to make it seal properly. The o-ring will be torn by the threads and needs to be replaced every time the regulator is unscrewed. When I first get a seal everything works as expected, nice small form-factor, perfect to tuck away inside the fridge.

Works great

I purchased a paintball adapter from another company that did not function properly, doing nothing but emptying my newly filled cylinder. They offered to replace it, but then I never heard from them again. But that is not the case with this great product. The adapter works perfectly. It is recommended to use a little keg lube. Nice snug fit, with no leaks. I can put my 2.5 gallon keg, with this regulator and a 20oz. cylinder in my spare fridge and it all works perfectly. Looks great too. Excellent quality product. Thanks.

Worked great, great customer service

Used this for a bachelor party. Made a portable system with two 3 gallon kegs in a rolling box. Worked great all night. Had a problem with the fitting not sealing on my tank, contacted AIH and they handled it great.

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