Taprite Regulator Wall Mounting Bracket

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Taprite Wall Mounting Bracket
Use this mounting bracket to attach your Taprite regulator to the wall. You'll no longer have to worry about accidentally jostling the delicate calibration of your pressure gauge, so you can be confident that your Taprite system will continue to operate at peak performance levels. *Please note: Only fits Taprite regulators and includes bracket, washer, and bolt only as shown in the picture, does not include mounting screws to your wall.

You will want to use one bracket per regulator body. We recommend using this product only with Taprite regulators.

Includes: (1) Bracket. (1) Washer. (1) Bolt.

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Customer Reviews

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Great to mount your regulators

I have a double regulator that was a bit top heavy these were great for mounting the regulator.

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