Taprite Double Regulator Gauge Guard Kit

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Taprite Guard and Boot Kit

This protection kit is for Taprite double regulators.
If you have ever knocked over your Co2 tank and damaged the gauge(s) on your Taprite regulator this is the kit you're looking for.
I can tell you it's happen to me a few times.
We also have original replacement parts for you if you need a new gauge please see our our other options.
Dual body regulator sold separately.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Micheal E
Saves money

This really is a must have item for the regulator. CO2 bottles will eventually get knocked over which will inevitably cause damage to the gauges. These guards will protect (within reason) those gauges.

Good insurance

I'm not 100% certain the rubber ring for the inner gauge is necessary, but the metal frame around the outer two is really good insurance against bending/breaking if this thing were to tip over. The weight of the regulator body is enough that this is a concern so it seemed like a good idea and it has come in handy a couple times already while transporting the unit. I'd recommend it!

Bill King
Very nice

I love the taprite dual regulator. Easy to adjust and I can control pressure on my two travel kegs.

Bill Tucker
A worthwhile addition

I've had gauge guards before, and have sometimes not. Every time I've not used one, I've damaged a gauge. So when offered one with this purchase, I took it. This guard is unique, since it is for a double regulator. The two remote gauges are protected by the guard, which is more substantial than most. The solo gauge is protected by a rubber cover which fits very snugly around the gauge. It took me some time to figure out how to put the single cover on the gauge, and after several false starts I figured it out. You should include instructions. All in all, a very highly recommended item.

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