Taprite Double Body T-handle Regulator

Item Number: C384-6153

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Taprite Double Body T-handle Regulator

0-30 PSI, tank fitting, high performance 5/16" barb with duck-bill shutoff with check valve, T-knob, safety pull

Taprite Regulators continue to meet the various demands of the beverage industry. Robust design delivers performance and reliability. Extremely durable and user friendly T-knob make adjustments easy.

We highly recommend protecting your regulator gauge with the gauge guard kit. Please see option below.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Micheal E
It's working

When we first hooked it up, the pressure would creep up slowly. After a month or so of use, it seems to be working.

Steven McMains
Dual regulator

Great regulator, canít say enough great things about tap-rite. But the customer service is beyond excellent! Any issues are handled immediately!!! Super fast shipping, and Iím pouring 2 at a time now!!! Thanks for everything!!!

Preston Thompson
What A Relief!!

Like many, money has been tight! I bought a much cheaper dual regulator years ago. I don't remember who from. CHEAP was the operative word. I struggled with it wandering around for years. I cleaned it tried everything. We bulk brew a blonde ale every winter now that we are retired. Two 11 gallon batches a week till we have 30 kegs fill, chilled, and carbonated, so we can drink it all summer! We modified a freezer and keep 6 kegs in it. Two at a serving pressure and four at a carbonating pressure. Ugh!! when the pressure drifts too high!!! Once over carbonated it's a bummer to try and regain control!! With the Taprite... NO MORE DRIFT!!!! Set and Forget it!! We are in Heaven!! We just fill, chill, carbonate and forget!! We are currently building a programable computer control for the brew system we built up over the years! Looking forward to a GREAT brew season next year with kegs carbonated just the way we like!

Nice Regs

Does exactly what it's supposed to do. You can hook this directly to your CO2 tank and carb/serve two kegs at different pressures. It is heavy though, so I got the gauge guard as a precaution. I have it on a 20lb tank and it stays upright, with a 5 you may end up having to brace it or lay it down to keep from tipping.

Maxwell Karpov
Great Service, Damaged Product

Want to start by saying AIH has the best customer service of any business I've ever dealt with. If I was rating their response time and helpfulness, this would be a 5* review. However, I'm reviewing a product that arrived damaged. The back plate of one of the pressure gauges was bent to the point that the needle would touch at 10PSI. I let AIH know that it arrived damaged, told them that I would like to try to fix it, but that if it didn't work I may need to return the full item. They agreed, I fixed it, and we moved on. The gauge appeared to have been damaged prior to assembly - the shipping box and the rest of the assembly were mint. Do not let this case of a damaged product stop you from ordering this regulator through AIH - they will fix any issues.

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