Tapcooler Perlick 500 Series Connector

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Do you have old style 500 series Perlick faucets that you would like to use with the Tapcooler Counter Pressure Bottle Filler? All you need is this handy adapter! This adapter threads onto the Tapcooler and replaces the regular fitting, so that the unit can be used with these older style Perlick faucets. A must-have accessory if you have older Perlick faucets!

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Customer Reviews

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John C
Great tool for bottling from a keg

I used the Tap Cooler to share a few bottles with friends at my home brewing shop. The Tap Cooler worked as described on-line: quick and easy bottle-fills with minimal foaming. One minor issue is the length of the filler tube that reaches to the bottom of the bottle — which is essential — but makes it tricky to extract the full bottle of beer from the Tap Cooler without spilling a small amount of beer and increasing the head space. This minor issue is unavoidable because of the configuration of my kegerator with a permanently fixed, built-in drip tray, which limits the space available to extract to bottle from the Tap Cooler.

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