Still Spirits Water Flow Regulator

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Still Spirits Water Flow Regulator

Keep your condenser water flow constant! This handy flow regulator will attach between you water source and the water inlet on your still. The built in pump will then ensure your still has a constant and steady supply of water. Meaning a much easier and consistent distillation. You no longer have to worry about your column temperatures change from a quick trip to the bathroom or other drops in water pressure during the distillation process.

The Water Flow Regulator includes:

• It's own built in pump to supply water to your still

• A float valve to regulate how much water it holds

• A water flow controller, so that you can set it to the exact flow rate for your needs

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Scott B
Works great with Spike Steam Condenser Lid

I am using this with my Spike Steam Condenser Lid so that I donít have to keep filling buckets of water during the boil. It works fantastically.

Perfect for Water Control

I have been using this product for sometime now. Before I would always have to watch for the still temp changing from inadequate water pressure. Always had to run and keep making adjustments. With this water flow regulator, its always been a "set it and forget it" experience.

Paul Fronczak
Da Bomb

This is the absolute way of controlling temperature through water flow on the Turbo 500. Still sensitive but not as bad as regulating pressure off the tap.

Eric H
Water pressure

Descent product. It is more sensitive and saves more water. Recommend that you conduct proper research prior to buying.


I was thinking about building one of these, but when I saw this I bought. This helps tremendously and I cannot emphasize enough how much I recommend building/buying this or something like this.

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