Still Spirits Rum w/AG Yeast (1Kg package)

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Still Spirits Rum Yeast 1 Kg Package

This yeast is a high quality commercial grade rum yeast. It can be used with a combination of sugars and/or grains. This yeast is capable of producing 14% ABV wash and has nutrients built in to ensure a good fermentation.

Some options for your wash:

1. 50% Molasses 50% Sugar

2. 60% Sugar 40% Black Strap Molasses

3. 100% Turbinado Sugar

AG (amloglucosidase) converts the grain starches into fermentable sugars.

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Customer Reviews

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Great yeast!

This stuff ferments quickly and completely with very little off-flavor. It gives a nice banana essence in the flavor profile. This is the cheapest way to buy it, too.

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