Still Spirits Red Liqueur Base B - 260g

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Still Spirits Red Liqueur Base B Use this pack in place of liquid glucose and sugar when mixing Top Shelf liqueurs. Instructions: Add the spirit as required on the essence bottle to a large mixing jug. Slowly add the contents of the pack and mix well. Add essence and top up to 1.125 litres with water.
As liqueurs are different in sweetness, thickness and strength, Still Spirits have taken great care to provide you with base packs specific to each liqueur. Liqueur base "B" is a medium level thickness and sweetness.

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Customer Reviews

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Dennis Michaels

Perfect add to apricot essences

Not entirely sure how this works - Very hard to dissolve per the package instructions

There is very little out there that I can find about Base B. Per the package, the entire contents are to be added to approximately 1.125L of spirit. I can't begin to imagine how that would work. I started with 1/2 package for .750L, just to try the product before committing to two bottles. Well, it took me almost 3L of 40% ABV to dissolve 130 grams, and that was after about 30 minutes of stirring, adding more spirit, stirring, adding more spirit, etc... This stuff simply would not dissolve. "Best by" date is fine. The product does not appear expired.

There are no directions on the package aside from adding the entire package to 1.125L of spirit. So, don't know if I have a bad batch. If the labeling is wrong. Maybe it needs blending to fully dissolve? Even looking at my 3L I'm not sure it's fully dissolved. I'm going to let it sit overnight to ensure nothing precipitates out. Wish there were more reviews of "Base B". What little I can find is for "Base C". For now, until someone says differently, I can't imagine a world where I would add an entire package of this to 1.125L. I'm not even sure if it's worth purchasing again. I guess time and taste will tell.

Janice Tanecka
Red liqueur base

Great product will buy again.

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