Still Spirits Classic American Bourbon Sachet

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Still Spirits Classic American Bourbon

2 sachets, 34 gram each

Creates a rich smokey bourbon with wood barrel aromas and subtle chocolate and vanilla notes for a smooth finish.

Each 34 gram sachet is enough to make 1.125 Liters or 1.2 US Quarts of Classic American Bourbon. Just add Vodka or distilled alcohol for the perfect spirit.

Add sachet contents to 1.125 Liter of 40% ABV alcohol. Rinse out any remaining essence from the sachet with some of the alcohol

Still Spirits recommends using the Still Spirits Pure Turbo Yeast System to yield the highest quality alcohol.

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Customer Reviews

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Larry Athey
Unbelievably Good!

Rather than using sugar shine, I added this to regular corn moonshine. Way better than trying to oak/age your own with wood chips! Just added the other pouch to some sugar shine and it's still really good, but I prefer it with corn moonshine.

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