Stella Artois Clone Recipe Kit

Item Number: BE1-R04536

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5 Gallon Clone Recipe Kit
Stella Artois : EXTRACT


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Original Gravity 1.049

Final Gravity 1.011

5 Gallon Recipe Kit

Hops included with Kit:Saaz Saaz

Grains Included with kit:Carapils

Suggested Yeast: White Labs Budejovice Lager 802, Wyeast Czech Pils 2278, Fermentis Safbrew S-33,

View The Stella Artois Clone Recipe Kit Instructions here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Color and taste is wrong

This should not be called a Stella clone. The color is way too dark and it doesn't resemble Stella in the slightest. I think the S33 listing for dry yeast is also wrong.

Not Exactly Stella, But Good Beer

The lager process is a bit more work, but the end result is nice. Although, I do find the flavor to be a bit more hoppy than the store-bought Stella. I have since gotten a second Stella kit that I am going to brew up today. This batch I am going to process like an ale and compare it to the first batch...just to see if the cold fermenting method is worth all the extra effort. We'll see.

Greg King

This is spot on Stella! It is a simple brew to do and the flavor is wonderful. I do not chill as it calls for int he directions but it still comes out great. I have brewed it a couple times now and it is consistent each time.

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