Stainless Steel Tea Ball

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This 2 1/4" (ID) stainless steel tea ball is great for hop, herb and spice infusions!

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Customer Reviews

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William Y
Follow the bouncing ball

worked great for dry hopping near the end of the ferment. Has locking clip. Easy to clean.

Tod B
For Hops

I purchased for filtering hops during boil, it worked but the hops pellets expanded to the point not enough water flowed through! This would work great for other flavors requiring less space, as it was when I opened it the hops where formed into a perfect ball shape, that to me meant it didn't have enough water flow through it? But worked to keep out particals! My advise???? just get the bigger hops screens available.

Roger Tucholski
Tea Balls really did the job

I just picked up four of these tea balls. I really liked them they worked well. Of course the beer is not done yet but it is looking promising. Nevertheless very little trub with the batch. I did have an issue with three of the balls, the clasp did not hold. I had to bend the clasp a bit with pliers and it worked fine. Since I had so much work on these I took a star for my trouble. I recommend using these tea balls.

John Keough
Great Product

These are inexpensive enough, where you can buy one to try and add more as needed. I use these in dry hopping and in the boil. Each one holds 1 ounce of pellets. Makes clean up a breeze, plus less trub. I own three currently and have used 2 at one time for dry hopping, connected to fishing line, in my corny keg. When I was done I just pull them out and throw my keg in the fridge.

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