Stainless Steel Dip Tube for Kettle

Item Number: 99-2657

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This 1/2" stainless steel dip tube is used in our converted kegs to get every last drop out of your kettle. You can add the 1/2" compression tube also if needed.

If you would like to use this item with your pico style false bottom, please see item 99-2657B

Long length 6-1/4", short end 3-1/4"

(measured from end to perpendicular opposite side)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
nathan wanger
Perfect for Keggle

This dip tube is exactly what I needed for my keggle. It works great and now pulls from about an 1/8" from the center of my keggle, leaving only a tiny bit of water left! This is great! Sturdy tubing with a mandrel style bend, so it doesn't get skinny at the bend! Don't hesitate to buy this if you're in the market for one.

Joshua Miller
It's a piece of tubing

Very nice piece of tubing. I installed this in my HLT so I could get every last drop of water out, and it works perfectly. One thing I would recommended is waiting to get the item before putting holes in your kettles. I put a hole in my kettle, then started shopping for a pickup tube....luckily AIH had what I needed. Thanks again!

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