Speidel 60L Plastic Fermenter (15.9 gal)

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Speidel 60L Plastic Fermenter (15.9 gal)

Safer than glass carboys, easier to keep clean than plastic carboys, and easier to transfer than either. These fermenters are made out of HDPE and are extremely durable.

Key Features:

Heavy duty HDPE construction is durable and resists oxygen transfer.
Built-in handles make these tanks easy to move, even when full.
Large lid opening makes them easy to clean by hand.
All ports seal with gaskets and the vessel can be fully sealed for long-term storage.
Includes a spigot and airlock.
Approximate Dimensions: 15.75in Diameter x 24in Height (w/out airlock in place). Note - The maximum temperature that these plastic fermenters can handle is 140F.

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Customer Reviews

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John Merrill
Fruit Flies

I love this fermenter. Really fills a niche that I need to fill: bigger than a carboy, smaller than commercial. I am using this as my secondary after 15 gal. primary cider fermentation in a 20 gallon Blichmann "Wine Easy". The lid is really great: easy to get off compared to some (not all) other plastic fermenter designs. The lid seems to seal without effort, and releases with just a little effort (and no torn fingernails like my brew pails!). So I'm not a fan of this airlock, though I can't necessarily fault its function. It is big compared to other airlocks you are probably familiar with, but that would be OK. The problem is that the upper piece that floats up 'til the bubble of CO2 escapes allows complete access to the liquid below. And the smell of cider and alcohol and CO2 is just what fruit flies love best! Right now I have probably 20 or so dead fruit flies in my airlock. OK, they are dead, so no problem, right? But no other airlock I use accumulates fruit fly carcasses like this. I assume that since the direction of gases is away from the ferment I'm OK, but still, maybe a redesign with some tighter lid that excludes bugs would be good.

Nice fermenter

This is a well made solid plastic fermenter, the handles are well attached and do not feel flimsy. The spigot works well but I can see where it might wear out in the future it is very similar to what is on a typical bottling bucket but a little heavier built. Airlocks are large and work well. The band that clamps the lid on tightly is a little hard to deal with. I feel this is the best alternative for a flat bottom fermenter if you are not wanting to deal with a conical. Could not find anything else but a bottling bucket to ferment in that has a flat bottom. I have the 15.9 gallon and it is easily furminating 12 gallon batches. Krausen does not get anywhere near the lid but I feel it could probably ferment a couple more gallons okay. You really do need two people to move it to your fermentation area as with 12 gallons it weighs over 100 pounds.

James Brillhart
Speidel 60L Plastic Fermenter

Just finished fermenting a 2014 Cab/Merlot blend. The Speidel Fermenter is very good quality. Easy to clean. Lid easy to remove. Lightweight and easy to move (good handles). Worked like a charm. Highly recommend it.

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