Siphon Spray Wort Aerator

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Siphon Spray Wort Aerator

"Another opportunity to add oxygen to your batch of homebrew is when the chilled wort is being transferred from the kettle to the fermenter. If the transfer is taking place through some type of hose or tubing, attaching a sanitized bent pen clip or other device (such as a Fermentap Siphon Spray) to the end of the tubing will cause the wort to spray and splash as it enters the fermenter."

Fits onto 3/8'' OD hose.

This also the same piece that comes with the fermentap sparge arm. Can be used as the replacement if lost or broken.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Brian Anderson

This is the most remarkable piece of low-tech brewing equipment I own. My fermentations instantly went from slow and sluggish to quick and consistent. The description is off - it should read that the aerator fits 3/8" ID instead of OD.

Ken Haycook

Good bubble activity when I racked to my fermentor. Spray was wider if the water pressure is high. I should see the difference after fermentation is complete.

kevin marshall
Works good

Nice and simple little piece of equipment, aerates nice.

nathan wanger
Awesome for sparging

I use this on my sparge water to rinse the grains! It is perfect. It sprays the water in a wide spray getting even distribution in my 10 gallon igloo mash tun. Love this thing.

Works as advertised

These aerators have always worked well for me. I always give my fermenter a good shake too and then pitch.

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