RipTide Brewing Pump by Blichmann Engineering

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RipTide Brewing Pump by Blichmann Engineering

An all new brewing pump designed by the Blichmann Engineering specificially for the homebrewer. The exciting and innovative features provide the best brew pump on the market!

The motor is splash proof and the total enclosure ensure it operates super quiet (50 dB). The RipTide delivers 7 GPM and up to 21' of lift due to a combination of rare earth magnets and high performance curved blade impeller. Its stainless steel tri-clamp head rotates a full 360° and features 1/2" NPT inlet and outlet connections, and even better it disassembles in seconds making cleaning a breeze. Includes an integral linear flow valve, air vent valve and a large stable base eliminating the need for costly accessories and allows the RipTide to function at peak performance. The air vent valve allows you to prime the pump in mere seconds and the base features a convenient switch and cord wrap for the 10' power cable.

-Stainless Steel Tri-Clamp Head (rotates 360° and disassembles quickly for easy cleaning)
-Integral Linear Flow Valve
-Integral Air Vent Valve
-1/2" NPT Inlet & Outlet Connections
-Splash Proof Enclosed Motor
-Run Dry Damage Resistance With Carbon Fiber Impeller
-High Performance Curved Blade Impeller & Strong Rare Earth Magnets (7 GPM and 21' of lift)
-10' Power Cable (120V)
-Large Sturdy Base with Protective Rubber Feet (Convenient Switch & Cord Wrap)
-Assembled in USA from USA & imported components

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Shannon H.
Best pump Iíve ever owned!

Physically well built and gorgeous to look at. So much quieter than a chugger pump. No additional valves needed for flow control as the built in feature does exactly what it needs to do. Easy to clean, much better with all TC fittings, DO NOT RUN DRY!

Favorite piece of brew equipment

This is the perfect pump for home brewing! Itís super quiet, powerful, and has an on off switch! With the flow control knob it makes life easy and the built in priming port makes operation a breeze! Donít second guess yourself this is the pump you want.

Best pump

The only pump to buy if you plan on doing any type of recirculation. Adjustable flow plugs a primer pull tab. Spend the extra cash it's worth it.

David Green
Got to test a prototype

Got to play with one of the RipTide prototypesÖalready looking to try to order one. Finally a pump designed specifically for home brewers. Fully sealed pump motor so the pump can get wet from spillsÖan on/off switchÖeasily removable pump head for cleaning since it's on a tri-clover fittingÖpull tab purging for quick priming/flooding of the pump headÖand best of all, was extremely quiet. Is like comparing a banjo burner to a jet burner. Guessing there might be other features I missed, but that was the first things I noticed.

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