Red Star Cotes Des Blanc Dry Wine Yeast

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Blush, Chardonnay, Cider, Riesling, Sparkling Cuvée
Côte des Blancs Red Star

UCD #570

Species : Wine
Fermentation Temp Range (°F) : 64-86
Apparent Attenuation Range (%) : n/a
Flocculation : Low
Alcohol Tolerance : 12-14%

Pitching/Fermentation : Cote des Blancs is a relatively slow fermenter, producing less foam. The yeast requires nutrient addition for most chardonnay fermentations. Cote des Blancs produces fine fruity aromas, and by lowering the fermentation temperature, it can be forced to finish with some residual sugar.

Notes : Recommended use: reds, whites, sparkling cuvees, non-grape fruit wines and ciders.  Ideal Fermentation Temperature: 64-86 F (17-30 C). Alcohol Tolerance: 12%

Best Styles : Blush, Chardonnay, Cider, Riesling, Sparkling Cuvée

Looking for a Liquid or Dry Yeast Substitution? The brewers at Adventures in Homebrewing have tried most of them. The following are some suggestions that have worked for us.
Liquid Yeast Substitution : White Labs 727
Dry Yeast Substitution : n/a

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Yeast experiment

I am trying this yeast in a batch of muscadine wine. We have a good recipe and I wanted to get a wine with some different qualities. The yeast acted well although the wine seems to take a little longer to clarify. The taste of the wine is excellent and we will be bottling this experiment shortly.

Great company

I ordered my yeast during the height of the covid outbreak, so it was taking a little longer to get my package shipped out. I contacted the company asking them if the virus was effecting anything, within minutes I received a reply stating that it was. But they let me know the condition of my package and when they planned to ship it out and I even got a coupon when I did get my shipment 4 days later. Considering the circumstances, I was very pleased with the company and the product. Will definitely order more supplies from them if I need any.

Henry Venus
Excellent yeast!

This is my go-to yeast for fermenting fruit wines as it produces reliable fermentation, lets subtle nuances come forth and produces very little foam at all. I ferment at about 67∞F and haven't had one bad experience with Cotes des Blanc.

Marc C.
Red star yeast

First time using this type yeast, making a small batch of hard cider. Seems to be working well so far. Time will tell after fermentation is over.

Jacob L.

I am super-pleased with my order. You have top notch customer service. You guys are pretty far away from me, but you always ship super-fast. I recommended you to other hobbyists, even over local brew supply shops. You have the best customer service in the brewing industry. Keep it up!

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