Pumking Clone Recipe Kit

Item Number: BE1-R09139

Sale price$60.99


5 Gallon Clone Recipe Kit
Pumking : EXTRACT


In Partnership With Our Friends At Austin Homebrew Supply

Original Gravity 1.079

Final Gravity 1.014

5 Gallon Recipe Kit

Hops included with Kit:Sterling

Grains Included with kit:Crystal 150L

Also Included: Pilincillo Sugar, Pumpkin Spice Pack

Not Included: 4 lb Unspiced Pumpkin

Suggested Yeast: White Labs English Ale 002, Wyeast London Ale III 1318, Danstar Windsor, Omega British VIII OYL016

View The Pumking Clone Recipe Kit Instructions here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
John L
Excellent Clone

Only a week in the keg, but already the best Pumpkin ale I have made. Very close to the real thing.

Doctor Zombie

Iíve never had a brew ferment this hard - ever. Itís delicious, and an amazingly close clone.

Great Fall Beer

This was my second brew Iíve done and according to some absolutely great. We had some Halloween parties coming up and my wife wanted me to try making a pumpkin spice. Final ABV came in at 7.3% and it was a hit. Everyone liked it, easy to drink, the pumpkin flavor was not overwhelming and Iíve already gotten request to make this again. Highly recommend for by a fall campfire or Halloween events.

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